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I also meant to add that I too, thought that the email was some kind of spam or phishing thing at first. I did not recognize the sender. He should have sent it under the regular Netflix email address. I had to come to Hacking Netflix to make sure this wasn't some kind of hoax or something. Seriously, it's like you hit the floor with a thud, in the way you announced the price increase. Now it's like you have a jackhammer, trying to go even lower, making things worse, and admitting you want to divorce yourself of the disk side of your business.
Actually, thank you Reed. It was time for me to decide what to do since my billing date is approaching. This has cluster f**k written all over it. You are divorcing disks from Netflix. It is simply a marketing ploy to divert attention to the price increase. Honestly, I didn't think the increase was all that bad until you basically admitted it by doing this bone-headed move. I will keep the streaming because I like old TV shows. I will keep an eye out to see if Amazon streaming is similar, as I'm an Amazon Prime customer. If their streaming free stuff is the same, then it's goodbye Netflix, and glad to have never known ya Quickster. Actually, it will be kind of freeing not to worry about how to get new releases (well after they come out, mind you),not to have to worry what second rate movies to order due to long waits on what I really want to see, and not to worry about the throttling that you do so well. I will get whatever new movies I want to see in HD, with no waiting from Amazon. Yes, it will be a higher fee per movie, but I will get them in HD, and I won't have to settle for a movie I didn't really want to see because you won't send me what I want. So thanks for making my decision to go from 24 bucks a month down to 8 bucks.
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Sep 19, 2011