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This person - Specifically "...people in the working-class identified their own good with the good of the bourgeoisie, and helped to maintain the status quo rather than revolting." Progressives think it bad that workers help the bourgeoisie who then help the workers by giving them jobs. Marxists think workers should rise up and fight their employers so that they can control their own lives by appointing their own leaders - who then become the new bourgeoisie; but they tend to forget this natural human step - because socialists don't usually take human nature into account.
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The great thing is that the women involved (who you can't identify in any way because the video is too blurry) has come forward and announced that she is upset and will sue the security guards. A classic case of the Streisand Effect. Look it up on wikipedia if you don't know what it stands for.
"Nobody has an absolute right not to be offended" Not that I am keen on rights, but I put it as "Everyone has the right to be offended in a free society". Topical story -
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2011 on Terry Jones: Let him in at Big Brother Watch
What is more unsettling? The odd vignette of day to day life in all it glory warts and all captured as a car nips by in seconds or full length videos of horrific violent criminal acts shown on YouTube and many other websites. Is it just because a major corporation is putting up the pictures compared to individuals putting up the videos.
If they have nothing to hide then then they shouldn't mind their names being published! They should be proud of the work they have done in bring their council into disrepute. Their names will now forever be recorded in Google and other places. If they then lose a job or get victimised because of their past actions they might start to feel how the general public feels from being picked on by officous authoritarian petty minded pedantic tick boxing do-gooders. Well done for publishing their names BBW.
"The site is beholden to nobody other than its army of volunteers and private donors" No it isn't, its behold to Jimmy Wales and his views. Its also under control of its editors who can persue any hidden agenda they want. Look up Overstock and short selling and how Wikipedia editors covered up the story about short selling. Its still a useful site, but a lot of its information needs to be double-checked.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2011 on Happy Birthday, Wikipedia at Big Brother Watch
Not a story about customer records being sold, more a story about employees making available to the public internal services designed for Vodafone resellers. Update on the story over at El Reg -
Like any technological solution used to solve problems that don't really exist it'll be dead easy to get round them.
Part of the problem was that the head teacher had informed all teachers only a day or so beforehand that no child was to use the snow for sledding even during break times. This teacher then goes and does it. And when initially asked by the head denies it. So not totally straight forward, but still could have been handled better without going anywhere near suspension or sacking.
This isn't councils stopping photographers taking pictures. It's poorly trained, egomanic, little hitler, council staff who think they are god's gift to security stepping outside their remit. The council are at fault for not training their staff properly. The staff are at fault for not using common sense. The training issue is probably because rather than use experienced staff they use anyone who wants it even if they can't do the job. The staff issue is probably because staff aren't allowed to have common sense. It's drummed out of them during their inadequate training when they are told that H&S comes first. They are also told that they don't need to take responsibility for any mistakes if they follow procedures and rules (no matter how crap they are) and if they do everything by the book.
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Jun 4, 2010