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With the risk of shamelessly promoting my own venture... I think that you can't argue with the 2 giant forces that are now dominating the way music is being distributed and consumed - social network on one hand, and user/artist generated content websites (YouTube leads that category, but Soundcloud and Bandcamp are also good examples) on the other hand. The content sites are there to stream music, but not for music discovery. Social networks are there to help you discover people and through them content, but they are limited in terms of reach and discovery (on Facebook I'm limited to just my friends...). The solution IMHO is integrating these 2 forces, and building a music interest overlay on top of the existing social networks, allowing people to easily share content from various content websites according to an interest, not necessarily social graph. This allows people to discover new people who share their music taste (music soul mates), but also for artists to reach new crowds and not just their die-hard fans. ...and here comes the shameless promotion warning --- this is what we are working on in and so far the feedback regarding discovery are amazing. I think that looking forward there will be more sites that will allow artists to upload and stream their works, and smart integration with social networks as a distribution platform would become more and more significant.
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Hi All, Bruce :) I'm Sagee, and I'm the founder of Serendip (, a social music discovery platform that connects people around music, and provides a great music experience based on other users you select as your "social music editors". We not only turn your social feed (now Twitter, Facebook coming up...) into a playlist, but also match you with people who share your musical taste, people you don't even know... yet, and allow you to "listen" to the music they're sharing. This way we harvest the power of the social networks, as well as popular open streaming services such as YouTube, SoundCloud and BandCamp, to provide a great playlist tailored for anyone. We are currently still in private alpha, but ever since TheNextWeb has broken the story and gave us a great review (, we've decided to open up the service a bit, and I can't find a better place to do so than HypeBot. So whether you're a musician looking to sharing your music with music lovers worldwide, or someone who loves music and wants to listen to great music provided by people that share your taste, you're invited to join our service. Here's an invite code that will get you in: Great music is already waiting! Rock On, Sagee Sagee[at]
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Hi, Did my comment got blocked for some reason or something went wrong? :( Was really thrilled sharing with the crowd here. Best, Sagee.
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I agree that it seems like 2009 may REALLY be the year for video conferencing. But as you wrote, we've heard it all before. I think the failing economy will drive affordable solutions like video conferencing, but I believe that more "private", more "personal", more economic solutions will happen. Solutions that will put video conferencing clients at the disposal of everyone in and around the organization. Then, and only then, will video conferencing be happening.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2008 on Video Conferencing Is Very Hot at VoIPWatch
As telepresence systems are very impressive, the ambitious goals they set for themselves force a number of restrictions/problems in regards to such a solution: system costs, real-estate, operating costs, network maintenance. And there's also interoperability. As one would expect from a high-end, high-cost product, only a select few can afford it, but those who can pay the price seem rather eager to embrace it. Nevertheless, telepresence is an extremely interesting technology for everyone. As in other technology-based products, the features you see in today’s high-end products are what you will enjoy in tomorrow’s low-end versions. Think about digital cameras, DVD players and even your car - today we enjoy capabilities and quality of experience that not so long ago were reserved only for the rich and famous. With time, telepresence will become a commodity, and until then it shows that video conferencing can and will become the primary communication tool in the enterprise world as well the personal. More here: