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Sage Lewis
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Thank you for posting these Zoriah. This really was one of the great experiences of my life. If anyone is considering Zoriah's workshop and wants to discuss it please let me know. You not only are going to get a ton out of it but you are supporting a great artist. (Not to mention you get to hang out with a really cool dude.)
I've got to jump in here real quick. Getting reamed by anonymous internet commenters is something I know a little about. These people hide behind the anonymity of the Internet and say brutal things they would never say to your face in a million years. You would have to be a sociopath to not let these kinds of comments get under your skin. But just realize that they are all rude, unthoughtful people that don't have an ounce of empathy. What you do is very good. Your work is good. Your offerings are good. You are good. Bojan is right. "just do what you like and believe in to, and don't mess with this comment's."
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Feb 8, 2010