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The point is that Ayuk the reverend is that friend you cant leave with your wife, that friend you cant tell a secret, that friend who bites and blow, that friend you cant even trust with your dog, that friend you have to eat with a long spoon, that friend who will laugh at your face and tell you how a wonderful friend you are, but as soon as you turn your back the knife bleeds your heart. Ayuk the reverend is a professional "congossa channel". He will do whatever it takes to get to where he had planned before leaving the states. Go in there and play holier than thou and back bite on your colleagues and the people in Yaounde will reward you. Ayuk was never instructed to be a report card, but he has found out that in a society where people don’t check and investigate stories he can just freelance and get rewarded. You can tell how develish this guy is with that SADDAM HUSSEIN look alike mustache. My question to Ayuk is that in all his stay in office is this the first case of mismanagement? Ayuk, the reverend(Nigerian pastor), you don carry firewood with soldier ant.
Mbua, you call this Ayuk a purists. You must be kidding. Ask yourself why a reverend Father is not doing his thing at the pulpit but in Government. This is a con baron like you have never seen before. Free school overseas in the name of becoming a reverend. Never holds a job because all is free paid by the school. Leaves immediately after school and all the promises between Ayuk and school is failed for Ayuk has disappeared to Cameroon. Arrives Cameroon, instead of looking at the pulpit he is now with the government. You go figure , Mbua.I hope Ayuk knows what he has started because we are not only going to be talking about dirty linens and skeletons in the closet, but WMDs
Pastor Ayuk, I know your past and school life while at the d.c. metro area. You know it is not all that. I hope you are not using this reverend umbrella to your advantage. And secondly, I hope this is not a personal agenda against the Mafany's? If it is then I will like to have a conversation with your former girl friend Louisa Satia then we can move from there.
Rexon, Keep your day job for you are becoming a big time NUISSANCE. Who steals MORE THAN YOUR SO CALLED SCNC ASYLUM LAWYERS. They are not only stealing from poor Cameroonian kids, but committing SERIAL THIEVRY.
Rexon, why dont you tell them on how to do it. Your input will be welcome since you claime to know alot. Stop the negativity. Stop the hating and be positive for a change.
Politics of saturation continues by the masquaredes. Now Pa Ngembus has woken from his slumber. Keep flooding the local medias with your write-ups. Called all the masquaredes to keep writing. What matters is action which none of you cowards is cable of. Ebong ran like a scared goat and Eyamba is still doing the "bandas" for a group of masquaredes who will dive into the ocean at the click of a water gun.
Rexon, you still can’t tell me of any successful ventures your so called masquerades are running to exemplify your transparency and good business practices. I gave you a simple example of running a basic football team. Masquerades, when was the last time a team from SCNC territory made any noise in Cameroon? Don’t mention Mt. Cameroon because it will make you sound stupid and also drive my point. Let me help you; the only team that has made noise in your supposed SCNC territory is Mt. Cameroon ran and owned by a frog. Think about that. Let’s talk about facts not fiction. Give examples of what you have done and are planning on doing , so we can compare and contrast. Your former mentor just created a shadow government , what a mockery. You people are confused to a point where you can’t separate lies and deceit from reality and truth. A true Cameroonian knows and can see you with only one eye. Keep fooling yourself, but like they say, sometimes but not all the time. Stop breaking my write-ups like am writing to be scored. Ebong is lamenting in the abyss and Eyamba is doing the "bandas" for the sake of some masquerades who do go as the wind does.
All I am asking and begging the question if I may, is tell me of a project you masquares have embarked on under the umbrella of SCNC. Hence we can compare and contrast. All this hot air from the Tayongs, Akoson, not cutting it. There is nothing you can show to prove you are different from the ruling party. All you do is write rubbish and get a bottle of drink and return the next day to write rubbish. Like the say in the old west; what have you done lately?
The Education Continues. More from The Net: No need to dig into any archives. You got that exactly right. In my view, there is no anglophone problem. There is no Beti problem, there is no Bamileke problem in Cameroon. There is a problem of incompetents, a problem of corruption, a problem of tribalism, nepotism and Greed.... There is a lack of jobs, there is a lack of hope for the youth, there is a problem of bad governance...And i can go on and on and on. The solution of cameroon's issues is not to continue to divide, and divide and divide. The solution is not to rotate by tribe, who comes to power. The solution is to fight the evil forces that divide the country and create an environment that can profit all of us. Whoever comes to power needs to create jobs, fight corruption, restore confidence in businesses and ensure that justice for all is served. And btw, before moving overseas, i lived in Limbe and spent a lot of time in Bamenda as a young boy. When you state that i have never stepped my foot in Anglophone Cameroon, i m not sure, where you got that from. And when i went to cameroon two years ago, i spent about 25 percent of my time in Limbe.
Ricaardo, Keep educating the haters in the name of Tayong, Rexon, Akoson.....refrain from their tactic of personal and bodily attacks. I see you are already on the right track. More from the net: Does Anglophone Cameroon have any major clubside? That for me is the solution. If they have a club dominating the local league and pulling its weight on the continent, nobody will be able to ignore them. Do you know that Athletico Bilbao only uses Basque players? At its outset, Barcelona too only used to use Catalan players. Although I will not recommend this exclusivity, I would suggest that Anglophone Cameroon produce a club which showcases its talents. Until they do that, there is no way they will earn their deserved respect. Why does a city like Buea not have a clubside as big as Tonnere Kalala, Union Douala, Canon Sportif or Coton Sports for instance? In Ghana, the Ashante's see Kotoko as their symbol and the club always delivers the goods for them. This for me is the route Anglophone Cameroon should follow.
More from the Net. Enjoy: We know there is an Anglophone problem and I understand it PERFECTLY.All I am saying is that,creating an anglophone team should be the least of our problems.Right now as i speak,they are having tussles over power:internal matters which are not half way solved.Let them solve that first,then,go ahead to be true to the cause when they are appointed ministers before they bring up the borish topic of an anglophone team.These same people,if that yam head appoints them a minister,you would hear them singing a different song which has nothing to do with the one they are singing now.First things first.This is also a little unfair i can say.The only thing holding Cameroon one piece after GOD,is football.We all are proud when our team succeeds and cry when they don't.Why do these greedy politicians want to create unecessary heat when there is little or none?I know anglos are not given a chance in the team and seriously,that freaks me out but creating a so-called"anglophone"team is not the solution.Don't ask me what the solution is cos i really don't know.The only solution in my book is prayers.Pray that the gov't should recruit a coach who needs "talents"not "francos" or "anglos" Solve home-based problems before going "international"
To All The Egogo Masquerades: Rexon, Akoson...., bare with me that I don’t have much time in my hands as you do, hence my response to you imps is not on time as I would like. I can’t call you people a faction as you termed to call yourself. What I see is a bunch of frustrated individuals who have created a "congossa" group and decided to flood the local medias with unsupported write-ups whenever their ideas are challenged. Good idea. Call more friends to write as much as possible; politics of saturation. But I think is you people are doing the wind and finger politic. Like I said you all are dreads from SDF. For starters, stop the bodily attacks and keep to the topic of discussion, because this just supports the fact that you don’t welcome different ideas. Ricardo, keep the good work. I have decided to surf the net and see what people are talking and this is what I found on a soccer forum. Enjoy: Hi all, I knew this topic was going to get politicized and might leave a very charged atmosphere on this forum.But I must say what must be said. It will offend alot of people, but I really don't care. For starters, I am anglophone.Secondly, I see no big deal in us Africans type-casting ourselves based on colonial affiliations. Anglophone Cameroonians are living a lie and refusing to accept it. Under British rule, we were more marginalized than at anytime in our history. To go from Bamenda to Mamfe, we had a one way road. You could only go down to mamfe on given days of the week and leave Mamfe for Bamenda on alternate days. CDC was as productive then as it is today. The Igbo's, with whom we were jointly administered treated us like dirt. We did not lift a finger to complain. Francophone Cameroon, through the creation of a labour Union, challenged France to give reason why France paid them lower wages than it did to French nationals working in Cameroon. In order to avoid chaos, France caved in and agreed to harmonize wages and recognition of the labour union. It was from this agitation that the labour union ultimately became a political party, (UPC),won an election, and had its president to be assasinated in Egypt. France then gave us Ahidjo and subsequently started the genocidal war on the Bamilikes and branding them terrorists. We had the likes of Foncha, who failed to listen to the traditional chiefs, whose subjects were advised to vote for him, and whose efforts gave him political power which he did not know what to do with. The British were the very people who told Foncha that we did not have enough resources to govern ourselvbes as a nation, and that they (the British) had no responsibilities whatsoever, once they left us, as such, we were better off incorporating with either Nigeria or French Cameroon. Foncha came back with his tail between his legs and gave us a plebicite, the outcome of which is what we have today. Are these the same people we continue to idolize and are willing to carve a banana republic out of Cameroon just because we speak their language? Anglophone localities celebrate when Paul Biya appoints one of"their own" to a cabinate position. If we agree that the country is poorly governed, are we celebrating because one of "our Own" has been given a chance to join in the theiving and destruction of the country, or do we really believe that person is going in to make a difference? Don't get me wrong. A lot is not well with our country. But to go about fixing it, hypocracy is not the mode en vogue. I was in Nigeria from 1970 to 79. I saw what happened to the Igbos.Anglophones Cameroonians are nowhere as creative, nor as united as the Igbos. Yet, we speak of a common Anglophone heritage. If this is so strong as to keep us on a one track independent mission, how come we speak of an SAWA GRAFFI divide? Or is this an illusion? Anglophones are so self serving that some were going in the back door to support Biya sell CDC, while others pretended. I am sorry to bring this out here folks, but lets stop blaming the Francophones for all that is wrong with Cameroon. We might end up worst than them.
Rexon, Akoson and co., You all are a mental case. Why don’t you educate us on the Kangaroo law firms you have all over the world fighting for asylum in the name of SCNC. Can you please tell us what you are doing with these monies. All the former masquerades from the SDf like Gov. Achu and Asongo in D.C. have all these makeshift establishments call law firms where they use to milked hard end cash from both Anglos and frogs without an eye blink. Why don’t they differentiate fogs from SCNC when they do this serial thievery. I see them taking cases from all Cameroonians and making huge amounts of money while the Ayambas are out there crawling on peoples "bandas" hiding from a cause when your likes are having fun at their expense. Change comes in many forms. Can you please tell us which one you are embarking on at the moment? Are you a terrorist, revolutionary or what? I can tell you are a keyboard giant who has lost the print of his index finger thumbing at his keyboard day in and day out. When your own was in charge of scholarships and rewarded ya all with studies abroad which in your lifetime you would have not been able to leave your village for Douala airport there was no complaints. The Munas and Njeumas are capable of sponsoring their children whenever and wherever they please without help from the government. Njeuma is a doctor likewise her husband. Pay back the free education you received from the government and we can start from there. The amount of money they spent sponsoring must of you people has not been returned in any form or shape as you are enjoying the good life in a foreign land. Dont tell me there are no jobs. Why dont you go and be creative as you claimed in your write-ups. I have got a name for you and Akonson as of today: Egogo Masquerade
Akonson, I am happy with my FSLC. However you and the masqueraders from SDF can not hide. You are just a bunch of sour grapes. Ndi and co. could not even give you the frosting of the cake like I said. hence you had to look for new openings. From your write-ups I can tell you a typical ballard that still wears socks and sandals with a chewing stick in his mouth whenever he leaves home. I bet you are one of those who were trained by the government overseas and you now have a good job and never paid back. Look at what you've taken from the country and tell me if you are ready to point fingers. Shame on you. Namfuka
SJ, That is the major problem with me and people of your type. You telling me where my vote should go. Isnt it my right to go where ever I feel comfortable. You people are all good keyboard gaints. You come here and patronize people telling them what is good for them and hope we should go with you. What will happen when the time comes and you are in power and I try to have an opinion different from yours? The irony here is that all of you so called SCNC are remnants of SDF. You coudnt get the frosting of the cake not even a piece and now you are looking at the SCNC outlet. Wonders shall never end.
Francis, Dont bother to respond to these so call wanabes of the Rexon's, kumbaboy and co. They should clean house before looking at the big picture. The SCNC and SDF cant even solved simple and basic problems within their own houses how will they do with a bigger Cameroon. Let the Rexon's and co. continue dreaming. Rexon, your so called leaders are more of a belly politician than Biya. I will go with Biya if this is wwhat you people have to offer.
Ekale, Like yours truely said, the PM is a national figure. He is not PM for fako, meme. bui, mezam or what have you. Ekale, isnt your family tired of eating soya? Your Father sent you and your siblings to the best schools in the world. What have you given back to all those people your dad never paid working at your plantations. Your greedy mind is looking at a ministerial post.You will never get it because people like you are a "giga" in the party. Keep buying your way in meme and stay quiet.
Kumbaboy, I dont hate or despise the idea of SCNC. But this Rexon guy is a turn of. His amount of hatred is scary. He even hates school children who sing the Cameroon national song.
Rexon, you are now the fufu of this site. Every time you write you make a fool of the SCNC. I have sympathy for the SCNC, but whenever I read your write-ups, I tend to hate SCNC the more.