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Between primal cause and pervasive entropy.
Movie fan, knitting maven, plant and sci fi geek
Interests: sci fi, fantasy, knitting, beading, plants
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That shot is from a cut scene from the movie. It may be included in the re-release or held for the sequel.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
This will be where I'll be making entries related to Avatar. Thoughts, musings, maybe a fan fic (very short) and anything else related to it. First up; personal impressions. I was surprised that after I watched the movie, I wasn't emotional at all. It was a good movie no doubt,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2010 at Pmvanova's blog
What character in AVATAR do you most relate to personally? Why? Surprisingly enough, I think I relate to Grace Augustine the most. My chosen profession is in the retail nursery business, in my line of work, I educate customers and co-workers about the care and types of plants, as well as the small details of how plants and insects interact with each other. Grace understood the relationship between the plants and animals of Pandora and knew that any interruption of that would be devastating to the planet on a much deeper level than was thought. Every day I am at work offers me the opportunity to make a difference in someones life in their understanding of plants and the world around them. Her mind was always on plants, the science, taking samples. My children have remarked that when we visit the zoo, I take more pictures of the plants than the animal exhibits! Our sense of humor is very similar too, slightly caustic in the area of idiots and blockheads who don't listen to a fair warning. On more than one occasion I've been known to give a very blunt answer to someone who obviously didn't have the slightest clue what they were doing. Some people are heroes on the front line, saving the planet in a big way. Others, like Grace and myself work behind the scenes to be an everyday hero.
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May 24, 2010
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