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Sally Schmidt
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Well I haven't written a book so I won't ask you to read it. Mostly I just get tongue-tied and try not to say anything too goofy because I'm happy you're signing in my area. You are all so gracious (you know who you are!) - hopefully most of us just want you to know what enjoyment we get from your books.
I am just discovering your books now, too, so no guesses, but going on my TBR list right now. I'm glad you added the part about witty and laugh out loud :-). We probably never lose the desire to be part of something and belong, but when we read something like Catronia's experience it dredges up those memories we have buried of a time when we really didn't fit it and how painful that was.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2014 on Wearing Purple. at My Weblog
(not sure if my first try made it) Wow. I might have thought a baby seat on the side of the road was a trap since we are all warned about strangers pretending to need help in mall parking lots, etc. But human trafficking right here, never would have imagined. What insulated lives we lead. Sounds like a great read.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2014 on Plotting the Deadliest of Sins at My Weblog
Hank - not yet. It's Ray Ray….something. I think I need to take a nap to see if it comes to me.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2014 on Wait, wait--don't look it up! at My Weblog
Oh no, I deleted my searches, but I know it was a random list of things I just had to know right now. Sometimes seems kind of like a mini-diary, doesn’t it? I do the alphabet thing too – seems so . . . orderly. And Captain Kangaroo reminded me of Garfield Goose and Bozo with Ray somebody – Raymond? – don’t want to look it up now until I’ve gone A-Z.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2014 on Wait, wait--don't look it up! at My Weblog
Wow, no idea. And I thought it was bad when my boss just had to tweak a report. Keep using that stet weapon, we want to enjoy our favorite authors' creativity, not feel like we are in English class (although we do like the typos, etc. fixed ;-) ). I had very definite answers for the quiz, but didn't look them up to check. Don't want to be THAT kind of copyeditor. Or is it copy editor? Or copy-editor??
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2014 on Are you a good copyeditor? at My Weblog
Librarian! As a 50’s & 60’s girl in small town Midwest we were supposed to be nurse (eewwww), teacher (patience?), or secretary (ok, plus mom said learn to type so not a waitress like me and can sit down once in awhile). Stewardess too, but first too young, then too skinny (!!), and mom said that was a flying waitress anyway. So secretary it was, and finally SW engineer. When I look around now think I did get the dream job tho – surrounded by books (paper & electronic), have a master list. . . .good thing I am retiring from that SW gig in a couple of weeks. More time for my librarian work and following FB posts (see how I snuck that in?) and these blogs I am becoming addicted to! Profiler series sounds like just my thing. Good luck! Can’t wait to read.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2014 on How Can You Tell? at My Weblog
At first it's fun and a little naughty to overhear a few words - but then they keep talking. Ewwwww. I love the fact that on the various blogs I follow you are all so excited and supportive as each others' books come out. What a wonderful community you have. And what a wonderful linkage for us readers, more and more fun books to add to my TBR list.
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Feb 4, 2014