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Love your post, David. I had the same aspiration you did, although my timeframe was not as specific- my system is more of a mish-mash of styles and timeframes, though all of it is old, ranging from 43 years old (the speakers) to 26 (the preamp). Like you, I love perusing the collection, admiring the art, cleaning the disc and listening to my records one side at a time. I've been doing this a long time, and now individual sides have taken on their own life in my mind: Side two of Abbey Road, side one of Tommy, side three of Electric Ladyland, side four of Double Nickels on the Dime. All have a special significance and fond places in my heart.
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To me, it has. It's getting to the point I'm wondering by every word I post what sort of marvelous opportunity to receive marketing attention I am creating. I am tired of my every move online being analyzed to the Nth degree. And for what? Meeting invites and inane status updates? All of the distractions on Facebook result in nothing but time I could have used creating something or working on a real relationship, out here, in reality, sucked down a black hole, never to be seen again. I have no use for it. There are a multitude of ways I can keep track of people. None of them require Facebook.
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Keith, RFI probably explains a lot of the problems I experience. Our house is also old so maybe the shielding is a factor? I have no idea, I know only enough about house wiring to get in trouble. Angelo, are we now talking FM? I've never seen a console stereo with SW. Though you bring up an interesting point. Frequently I an filled with desire for a beautiful old tabletop made by Saba or Grundig. Only my lack of dealing with electronics of that age have kept me from accumulating those as well!
Shawn, I would never think to walk around the house with a radio to check things out. Thanks for that tip. Andreas, thanks once again for the thoughtful input. This preselector looks like great little project. Perfect for a weekend.
That's an interesting antenna design, Andreas, thanks. And you're probably right about my radio "problems..."
Didn't think of that, Angelo. Yeah, lots of little button make me nervous too. Though there are some nifty ones. A "time signal" button? I wonder if it was smart enough to look for the best signal or just went dumbly to 5000 khz (or other WWV freq)? Or does it mean something completely different...
Huesby, maybe I had a bad one. It seemed on the deaf side and didn't respond too well to help from external antennae. Could this model also have been vulnerable to frontend damage like the 2010? Not there there was any sort of dramatic loss of sensitivity while I owned it, it just always seemed weak.
There have certainly been radios in the past that ought to have been good but weren't really (The Sony ICF-2001 comes to mind). But one look at this radio and it seems like it ought to be a performer. Yet only gave it one star. Can anyone attest to its performance (or alleged performance, if you've heard something)? I'm amazed by how much the top third looks like a classic Pioneer AM-FM tuner, except for the digital readout. Very classy styling.
This is my current thinking as well, but my transmitter is a headache. I will definitely check the Xmitter out!
May I ask, what micro transmitter are you using? I have a Ramsey FM10 and have been very disappointed by how easy it overloads and the constant buzzing in the background, no matter from what radio/tuner I tune to it.
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Feb 19, 2010