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Christina Perez Bass
Annandale, VA
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What a wonderful tribute. It is true that the clay paw print makes the memories even more special.
Jean, I love your stories. My mother-in-law has four horses and I am slowly getting to become comfortable around them. But reading your pieces always make me appreciate it them even more. I definitely have been in that situation you have described watching someone almost bully a weaker one but because I cannot seems to control my voice I have had to say somebody. Usually getting some sort of nasty reply back but I feel as though I have spoken for the underdog. There are soo many things we can learn from the animal world it never ceases to amaze me.
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Laurel - What a great interview. I personally know how much you helped me with advice getting me prepared to have my beloved 'Maximus' crossover in our home peacefully and have my husband and kids be involved. A few months after our family cat of 16 years 'Flower' had to be euthanized aswell and we were so prepared. My toddler and 5 year old have such an amazing understanding of death because of making the experience truthful, kind and peaceful that I really owe kuddos to you and Tammy for all the help I received in e-mails. I have shared this site with so many in hopes that it can enrich them as it has done to me. I would love to see the ABC, 20/20 that your family was featured in. Thanks.
I love the idea of a place like this near the beach. We have a an awesome place that supports the rescue of its namesake here in Virginia if anyone ever come by this way. They have another restaurant a few down called 'The Stray Cat' which does the same.
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I honestly do not know if I can see the movie either. I have read the book and do not think I could watch it. I was part of a big group of activist that stood in front of the national zoo for months trying to get Toni the elephant transfered to The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Unfortunately she died before fullfilling our goal but we did get the zoo to expand the area and allow Elephants to have more of a natural environment in the zoo. Personally they should not be in zoos after seeing them wild in Africa. Then again after seeing the wild life on Safari in South Africa it is hard to see any locked away. If any of you can try to watch the movie and The Last Lions they are amazing and very educational.
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Love the photograph of the complete family. I really wish more holiday shots included the fur angels. Our e-mail holiday card always has the entire family dogs and cat included.
What an amazing service that Dr.Cooney is providing. I wish more of these center will expand to other states. Thanks for letting us know.
What a great post! Tammy congrats for standing strong in you and your husbands opinion. I am a wife, a mother of 2 children(boy and girl under 5)but first and foremost an animal lover and rescuer. I never really wanted to have children cause I thought my time had come and gone and although I am now 39 I am okay with having a late start. The thing that really bothers me about the lack of thought that is put into having children is the amount of change it brings. As an adoption counselor every weekend for a rescue there is nothing more annoying than to have a couple give away their pet to us because they "suddenly" are pregnant. One of the more common reasons for intake aside from divorce. As if their fur baby is disposable. I love having cats and dogs in my house and having my children learn to appreciate them and respect them with love in hopes that they can grow up to do the same one day. But just my 10 cents there should be a license to procreate.
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Mar 9, 2011