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Also recieved two dvds yesterday with adverts for My Fair Brady (on VH1).. but sorry no scanner
To BoB and NetflixShill - to remind you both this is a blog where everyone posts their OPINION.. (opinion being key) not everyone is going to agree with everyone (hence being a dicussion blog) so of course some people may have OPINIONS that fair better with BB than netflix or vice versa.. that is the whole point of a discussion!!! I think people come here already knowing that BoB (sorry to make an example of you) is not a netflix or bb EXPERT and know his idea may not be the same as everyones! That is the point of him sharing HIS OPINION. If you do not agree with someones opinion on this board, then argue it, there is no need to try and cut down another member of this site just because you don't agree.. This is the INTERNET people, lighten the fuck up. We are talking about netflix and bb, no need to get crazy with each other.. it's only movies.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2006 on More Netflix Banner Ads at Hacking NetFlix
with hd and blu ray commming out this would totally be a great alternative to buying both (at like at least $300 a pop) if a netflix player perhaps played those both and allowed you to download the movie (in a days time as per normal movie recieving times)... this would be something to totally stomp on any and all competition
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2006 on Netflix Set-top Box in Works? at Hacking NetFlix
raymond - now why blame netflix (whos only been around for ya know less than 10 years) when you can blame the post office (which has been tried and true for over 50 years).. cmon it's logic guys! postal people have been doing their jobs since pony express! now this doesnt mean there are some bad apples, i know, i work in the po, but MOST (not all, like i said there ARE some bad people in this world..wake up!) people there dont want your crappy independant/anime/drama/classic movies.. MOST people dont want to lost a job where they make some pretty good money just to watch a few extra movies.. Stealing mail (even if you give it back) and opening others mail is a FEDERAL OFFENCE, it doesnt matter if you are the guy sorting it or delivering it, if you're doing bad and they catch you it's automatic jail and most people dont want to risk their comfortable lives just to watch your copy of sin city. I work at the post office and the local netflix center is one zip code away, my movies take 1 day to get back and forth because i drop them at my work (and i know it should only take 1 day because i use po often enough to know all turn around times for my area) But a lot of the time it takes 1 - 2 days for my netflix to be processed.. Not because i'm stealing my own mail, but because NETFLIX is slow at processing sometimes. So don't be so quick to blame people that have been giving overall great service for 50 plus years.
when i was 15 i had to go to "classes" because i stole a single braclet from claires (mind you they grabbed me on the way out) but this guy steals 60 psp games (over $1000 worth of stuff), the people working notice, and he just walks out and drives away with people yelling 'stop'.. no tackling, no running after, nothing.. what the fuck is wrong with this country now a days!?
after staring at this ad for awhile i did notice the web address on the ass, but other than that i didnt even notice the vh(backwards)1 logo at all