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Dear Ms. Klobuchar: I'm writing to object to SB 978, a bill you are sponsoring that would make it a felony for people to post covers of copyrighted material to sites like YouTube and Facebook. This bill is targeted at... Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2011 at CL&P Blog
With Niki's background, by the way, she's firmly in the middle category, as far as I'm concerned. And not an aging fat man, so far as I've been able to determine.
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To the extent that Brian argues for a healthy skepticism, I cheer him on. Too many credulous lawyers believe anything they're told, as long as the person doing the telling sounds authoritative. But few successful, practicing lawyers have time to build a side business advising others how to do what they've done. Plus, I don't think their advice always transfers well to other practices. While it's always useful to learn from people more successful than oneself, I've heard some strange marketing advice from lawyers who have successful practices, so that I'm pretty sure their "secret sauce" isn't what made them successful. It's kind of like how great football players don't necessarily make great coaches. Different skill sets. Some lawyers, like myself, Bob Ambrogi, Carolyn Elefant, Tannebaum himself, and others split time (in varying percentages) between practicing and talking about marketing, technology, business, etc. Because we take the time to develop a bigger-picture view of the business of law (as opposed to the practice of law), I like to think we make for pretty good resources. But you won't find me holding me out as anything but a lawyer who has learned what works for me and has thought (a lot) about how it might work for others. Still others have barely (or never) practiced law and have no background in marketing or business, either. These should be ignored. If it's a contest between these and an actual professional marketer, go with the professional and ignore the failed lawyer/wannabe marketer.
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