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God bless u Katakata, After reading the piece u dropped, I can not but agree firmly with u that, at times we forget the real issue at hand, and tend to point fingers at the regime. I wonder whether directing the blame on the regime will stop this act. This is all about humanity and not politics as Muki points out. How can we change our society if not by first of all reflecting on our own personal attitudes. We are all guilty of one crime or the other. In all this we have the right to face justice in it's real term, and not justice emotionally perpetuated, or evil-based. The question that rings in my mind is, did this fellow have the chance to make things right if not with God, with those he offended? We can never develop, neither socio-politically nor in civility with such mentalities. If there's something I wish for Cameroon, it's that people start cultivating their morality and stop beating about the bush to real matters that affect our society negatively.
OOOH Good God! Are we no more humans? After seeing this image, I can't even imagine that people with blood flowing through their veins can do this to another fellow human being? This act of mob justice is becoming something to pay great attention too. Why can't we embrace civilization? Shall we forever remain this way. This is not worthy. How can we let ourselves be mocked as such by the international community? I call on all inhabitants of the North West and the South West where this act is becoming quite worrying, to show some level of dignity to mankind. We can never ever compare the life of a human to that of goats, chickens, gas bottles and what so ever this man was murdered for. I have a belief in me that anybody, whosoever takes the life of another, is a criminal and must be put to justice. Brothers and sisters, we are embracing a new era. Let's not live our lives in what's considered history anymore. I think a new and firmer law should be passed in the national assembly for such acts. God save us.
M. Nje, Well after considering ur argument on the real nature of Cameroon, I can't but agree with u firmly that we the Anglophones are ''illegal citizens'' to the republic of Cameroon. That being the case, I'd also agree with Ma Mary that much work still needs to be done. If the UN or the AU aknowledge this fact already, then I suppose it's time to push ahead even more determined than ever. For the mean time, I'll still settle on creating the Anglo-Cameroonian movement which maverick and Anglocameroonian advocate for. I'm still having a passport from La Republic, and I still bear the identity of a Cameroonian. So you can see where exactly we still are. If we really want to achive this, I guess it's time to expose those our Anglophone brothers who settle for ''pocket democracy'' in La Republic. In all this, I pray for a better solution which should be more practicable and pacific. I think by so doing, we could achieve a quicker and effective solution to our plight. Be Blessed.
Hi Anglcameroonian brothers, YES. We need to identify ourselves even before the international community. Cameroonians say Cmr is a bilingual country, but infact, the international community doesn't firmly agree with that. I even had to argue with a Chinese colleague who was argueing that Cameroon is a French speaking country cus he's been there in Yaounde and heard no one speak English to him which was the only language he could easily communicate with. It's really difficult to convince a guy out here that our country also has English as an official language especially as they get to offices in Yaounde and the host wouldn't understand him/her cus he/she speaks English instead of French. Let this blessed organisation that u're bringing up really go international and many will start feeling the plight of the Anglophones in Cameroon, whose language is marginalized. I had been praying that such an organisation will come up someday and now it's here. I encourage u sincerely to start it with immediate effect and we here in China will support u in every way that we can. There are many of us here who fled our country and are huzzling in some middle-schools and colleges, teaching English, and many are now facing the problem of doubts from their bosses who now tend to believe that Cameroon is only a French speaking country. This was even agravated when Hu Jintao recently visited Cameroon on his eight African Nations tour, when he got to Cameroon, the news reported the country to be a French speaking nation. The only credit that the Anglocameroonians who teach here is that they are doing quite a great job eventhough most never graduated or even attended the Higher Teachers Training college. Their reputation here as teachers is quite great. This just mirrors the diligence of our Anglophone brothers. So dear brothers, start this movement and I promise u that those of us in China are strongly behind u. BE BLESSED.
It's with tears in my eyes that I read this article which is but a bitter truth. Actually there's no more pride to say ''I'm a Cameroonian'' or ''I come from Cameroon'' to those of us living abroad. What have we done to merit such a fate? Already, abroad it seems like a curse to come from Africa. Why? Not to talk of Cameroon where democracy exists only in words. With a lot of intellectuals coming from that part of Africa, yet political doom is still the order of the day. Why must we belong to a party in order to walk on good roads in our own towns and villages? Why isn't the government that of the people, and for the people? Why is a minister appointed from a village or division just as a reward for the outstanding nature of the rulling party in that town or sub-division? And I read on the post the CPDM meeting that was held in Santa some months ago, and the former PM of Cameroon, Achidi Achu, asking the people of the division to blame themselves for not being appointed to ministerial posts. He simply gave a rather pathetic reason to why they should blame themselve, that the people don't vote for the CPDM. I remember this same old adage of the same political figure, ''politic na njangi, you scratch my back I scratch your back'' Is this democracy? So the reason why some parts of the country is developping faster than others is just adherence to the rulling party? When a minister is appointed, he's appointed for the whole nation, not just for his own community. So I'm totally against elites of a village who rush to thank the president for appointing a son of the soil to an important position in the government. It's quite rediculous that some of these elites call themselves ''intellectuals'' We need to change our mentality. Why can't we learn from advanced countries? I've never been in support for any seccession, but there's quite a lofty reason why the people of the southern Cameroons are asking for this. The government of Cameroon says they will never allow that to happen, but give me just one reason why the southern Cameroonians shouldn't seperate from such a system that has no respect for basic human rights, and play the ''njangi politics''. As a youth, I vowed never to indulge in politics, but how can I stay out of it, when my life is directly affected by the mishaps arround me in the name of politics? There's never been equality in Cameroon. Marginalization is the order of the day. Why are the Anglophones marginalised when atleast 80% of our GDP comes from them? Those providing the manpower in the CDC, the petrolium sector, are all Anglophones, not to mention the fact that these things are all found in their own soil. If there's one thing I pray for in Cameroon, is that the wind will soon blow, and sweep all the evil forces that keep pulling our beloveth country behind. Cameroon is blessed with resources, but cursed with personels. So I pray when the wind comes, it will not leave any stone unturn, let it sweep from the grass roots to the top of any society or persons that play ''pocket democracy''. Join me in this prayer if you really love Cameroon. Let's not forget that in everything, we should put God First.
I seriously wonder what really qualifies a driver to abtain a driver's licence. I think such probs should be taken into seriouse considerations especially as we find our streets or roads no longer safe for pedestriants. Not to mention the rudeness of some of these drivers who pay no respect to passengers. Once u get in a cab, be ready to be showered with insults from the driver who thinks he has all the rights to insult anybody irrespective of who that passenger might be. That's just a food for thought.
Dear brethren, while hoping and encouraging ourselves for a change, let's pray that God almighty should give us a Solomon in our time. Let's also pray and ask God to show us the right way and not give us a Pharoah and tyranic ruler that we're having now. Let our youths develop the sence of real patriotism and not pocket patriotism which seems to be what many in our leadership believe to be patriotic. Let's also not forget to thank God for the abundant blessings he's already bestored on our motherland Cameroon. May God bless those who love and think good of our country. Be blessed.