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Absolutely loved this post, John. One thing I would add to the list of problems with structural advantage is a changing buyer preference for what kind of structural component is important to them. If your advantage doesn't matter you can get blind sighted as you remain in execution mode on that treadmill. The next wave as you beautifully articulate will be about influence points that i believe will come from a network-first mind set. It no co-incidence that over the last 10 years the shopping cart icon on Amazon is slowly receding to the back ground and the network of influencers (past buyers) is taking center stage. On the software side, the advent of one-size-fits-all cloud/saas computing has taken away many real and perceived advantages from technology leverage. Capabilities are now normalized across industries. We're now entering the next wave of cloud based computing that will focus less on transactional capabilities but on tying together expert networks first, then surrounding them with just the needed dose of transactional capability. In other words, either ownership or early access to influence points take precedence as this is a far more sustainable competitive advantage (if there ever was one.) I hate seeding fear and doubt but to some extent there is a race to see who first captures the mind share of these influence points. Theres only so much attention out there thats up for grabs.
You we're born to do this (IMO). I couldn't possibly be more excited. Huge congrats to you and to Gartner.
Nice. True of communities as well as the traditional analyst business where many mistake the root cause of respect, admiration, popularity etc etc. Nothing wrong with it - its the way the world turns. Just as long as they can be as smart about processing it as you were as a child. :)
Good stuff Paul. Twitter also proves once again that its not about quantity but quality - something we've all have lamented about for decades, then cheered on every incremental marketing innovation that promised quality (behavioral ad networks for e.g), yet found ourselves succumbing to the spray and pray approach to play the numbers game. Spray and pray is cheaper on Twitter than a TV ad - but its in fact that exclusivity (driven in this case by cost) that gets unique message transported to the consumer. This will all change but as you astutely point out, big bang propositions to switch to all things social without respecting what works today only highlights how early/immature many of these extremely promising transformation opportunities are at this time.
Extremely excited for you Mike. Cisco just significantly improved its' odds at making its collaboration vision a reality.
So glad you were on the panel Vinnie. And thanks for sharing insights from your research for The Book.
Great insights Vinnie. I also think (as I stated in my last post )that CRM needs a house cleaning in many cases before we attempt applying what we learn from Social CRM interactions and data.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2010 on Social CRM: The inflexion point at deal architect
You say you learn from us, but here you are taking time off when on vacation, not to attend to business or personal advancement, but to give credit to others. I've learned more from you than you will ever know, Paul. I'm completely honored to be included here, for your friendship and for your selflessness.
My pleasure. Good luck with all your speaking engagements this week in Europe and the US. Looking forward to your keynote at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston.
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Jun 13, 2010