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Back in the one-stop-shopping turnkey-CAD-system VAR world then, I've set up my share of Calcomps, HIs, and these very same HPs. It was not far from my personal vision of purgatory. You're right, the HPs were a better design, but not without their flaws (how a pen could be knocked out of its carousel and fall down the legs, requiring disassembly to retrieve, was a favorite). Setting up your software to center the plot in such a way so no border edges would be clipped was a sort of black art. It was a case of the tail wagging the dog as frequently the user's border would have to be resized from industry standard due to the space needed by the rollers. Thanks for the wonderful memories (kidding)!
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Ah, yes, to receive my monthly copy of Computer Graphics World and flip to my favorite column, "Ask Mr. Protocol." I also remember moving offices back around Y2K and taking the pleasure of sifting through the decade-long accumulation of CAD related journals. I especially liked the crystal ball in particular was the coming obsolescense of monitors on our computers; instead, we were to have 3D holograms of our CAD models floating above our desktops, as if malleable by hand. That was to happen 5 years from the date of publication, sadly, the article was 10 years old. I'll not even share what I spent to piece together my first PC, let alone continuously update or replace it. This thought always amuses me: For years people would remark that they haven't used one for years, but to this day, the Floppy Disk icon is a universal "Save" symbol, yet now to a generation who has never even seen one. How does that work? Thanks for the memories.
Yes, true. But your Windows 10 compatibility story is inspiring. Now, where’s that old Kurta tablet….?
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2016 on The Cliq of Death at WorldCAD Access
As a result of the class-action lawsuit over the "click of death" I was sent an offer of $18 off my next Iomega purchase. I did not take them up on the offer....
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2016 on The Cliq of Death at WorldCAD Access
I first encountered Tri-Spectives in its infancy, at (I believe) NDES in Chicago. I was working for a PTC/Computervision/Autodesk reseller at the time, and was given a copy. I believe I was somehow placed on their reseller list, as I continued to receive quite a bit of correspondence, information, and updates from the company. But, oh, my! The ease of use! The drag and drop features! The drag and drop animations! The (what we now call) direct editing! I honestly thought I was seeing the future. Sure, there were issues with interoperability, and I encountered some with internal accuracy (I was told it was just an ideation tool, not really valid for documentation or downstream applications, i.e., CAM) but just the same it was a revelation. Certainly this will revolutionize the industry! Ironic, then, that even some time into its IronCAD reincarnation, they were touting in ads that "100s of customers can't be wrong." 100s? So, yes, Ralph, thanks for following up on this very interesting product, and for the reminder that the CAD industry never plateaus and gets boring. Sam Hochberg
Another great method indeed, Nucu. Thanks for posting this. You're referring to the "Override value" checkbox in the "Primary Value" field of the Property Manager, just above the section magnified in the graphic above. And, if one explores the "Other" tab, we find we can also override the dimension units. Hmm, perhaps a topic for another blog post... Thanks again!
Great, informative article!
Smitty97 - Niiice! I may actually even like your approach better than mine. Thank you for your contribution!
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Jul 28, 2011