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Another 365 days have come and gone; and Mr Biya and his coterie of thieves, thugs and band of bandits, sit at Etourdi, snickering happily——pinching their chubby cheeks for getting away with it, yet again with murder! What proposals does he have to arrest the downward economic trend and the decline of our country? He is inept——incompetent. In 26 years, we find our country competing with fiefdoms of medieval times. When Mr Biya went on national Television and ordered his armed goons to shoot on sight unarmed civilians who were protesting the hardships wrought by his economic mismanagement, Mr Biya compared the measure of his power only comparable to a demagogue. Cameroonians should have done something. Because it was during that period, when Amaduou Ali advised magistrates and judges to organise hasty Kangaroo courts in the dead of the night, to conduct sham trials with trumped up charges against the innocent, after arbitrary arrests. Scores of Cameroonians are today languishing in jail over nothing. This is worse than Iraq or Afghanistan. It was one of these political Sanhedrines that took Lapiro out of circulation-- in jail, for singing about the constitutional coup d'étatt, of which Mr Biya is the sole beneficiary. An artist accused of high treason for doing what? That constitutional coup d'état was nothing but a ploy to gratify the insatiable ambition of one man--Mr Biya, and eternalize a drunk 72 year old in power Those whose legs could flee found themselves slain by the guns of the tyrant as they were shot from behind. Cameroon is a slaughterhouse, with Mr Biya the mass murderer. We sit in surpine surrender like rudderless fickle fools, chasing shadows or being completely disagreeable to the wrong people. If we could harness our dislike for the Biya regime, channel our grievance of his half-century + ============= of fraudulent occupation and tyrannical misrule, and translated our anger into concrete action, that jelly-bellied sow would have been dragged off to the ICC for his crimes against the country. Biya has consistently told Cameroonians "Foutez-moi le camp!" He dares Cameroonians with his brazen degrees, dismissive of legitimate opposition, and arrogant towards other African leaders. Yet, in this speech, Biya acknowledges that Cameroon is not the oasis of peace and stability which has been the source of his pride. Are we going to allow this swindler to drag the country into the abyss with him? Biya is preparing for war, afterall he is the bully with the weapons. But like all bullies, he is a coward - when real people stand up to him, we are the majority. We can bring that Gorliath down! Mr Biya has thrown down the gauntlet to Cameroonians [who he sees as enemies]. Are we going to stare at it helplessly, as if it was a snake slithering towards us to bite us? Or are we going to yank it off the ground for the worm that it is, and throw it into a salt pit? And this is the age of fast communication. Make use of it. This country must change!!!!!
The PM certainly did not read the memo.
This is surprising. And who does the PM blame for the embarrasssing salaries that keep Cameroonians dangling below the poverty line? It is a strange case of a man blaming his cap that doesn't fit, because his head is so large. PM Inoni is a thinking man with an analytical mind; but how could a man of integrirty remain honest and critical, when the leash that chains Cameroonians to the bight of desperation is wrapped around his waistline? Biya is a liability does he affirm that? The 72 or is it 82year old President is the proverbial large elephant; now a festering carcass stinking to the heavens in the center of the room. Who is that rare man in or out of the country, that has the courage of his convictions to take a shovel and bury that stinking carcass?
How pathetic that some have given the term “Anglophone” a rather diabolical and pejorative label. Anglophones will never see the woods for the tree. They’ve have made themselves captive Sisyphean morons with a tunnel vision, wading blindly in ignorance and desperation and loving it. When you strip a villain of their power, their base nature is revealed. Forjindam is an Anglophone tragic story, and the architect of not only his own fall from whatever "grace" he was ornamented with, but that of his apparatchiks as well— a man in a position to give a good impression of the Anglophone community, but one who only managed to pass himself off as the metaphor for profligacy and tribalism - but now, a derided villain in this hysteria-provoking saga. Forjindam understood the benefits of throwing little crumbs here and there for some Anglophones to sell their integrity as his common hirelings; like whores in a Bordello. Those are the people who are now left deluded and bitter about Forjindam's arrest, buoyantly floating on the hot air of their pompous self-righteousness, never failing to "spot" or perceive the ill-hand of “the other man” in their man's downfall. No matter how well-deserved it was, they’ll come up with highly imaginative narratives and concocted theories about tribal persecutions and maybe some highfalutin ideas of mystical forces at work. When someone, supposedly as “prominent” as Forjindam was, falls on his own sword, the usual Anglophone chorus of “injustice” rises to an intolerable crescendo. The Babel of tribalist tongues wag profusely in bitterness, postulating unfounded claims and projecting biased opinions as the zeitgeist. All of a sudden, Forjindam’s bathetic decline is tied with the supposed fall of the Limbe Sea Port project; as if one man is bigger than the community. Since when was the Limbe Port a concern of this tribalist Forjindam, whose recruitment style in the Chantier Naval—a government corporation, was carried out with the administrative skills of nepotism, tribalism, and self-serving interests, and the mindset of a thief? So he "Single-handedly built the shipping factory" from scratch? With his own money? And how did that help Anglophones in general? Please wake-up and smell the sludge, even if you don't see it! That is why most write-ups are blowing "hot and cold" at the same time. Give the devil his due!! He was corrupt, and that carries bigger ramifications than managing one corporation which did nothing to alleviate the sufferings of the masses. Forjindam placed his relatives and people in lucrative positions as a result of not only family benefits, but political fiddling—to the exclusion and detriment of the rest of Cameroonians. Isn’t this something that we should condemn in the strongest terms? If they were put in the government wouldn't they be just as corrupt and rotten as what they perceive of the Biya regime? As usual, the “typical Anglophone” is a quirky, inscrutable creature of contradictions and paradoxes. Most feel they have to condemn Forjindam for his political inclinations; but ignore how hypocritical this appears to be. They want to eat their cakes and have it. They blame him for being a lead soprano “Dimabola Diplomat” and the High-Priest player prayer player, in the now infamous crusade to eternalize Biya and the CPDM government. However, the moment he is caught in a web of his own felonious activities, they start exonerating him, and retching in mind-boggling stupidity about conspiracies. Na witchcraft? Whatever Forjindam’s political machinations were, they are minimal compared to his criminal activities as the head of that Ship repair factory. Forjindam is left dangling from the cables of his own erratic wiring, and if there’s any justice, he will be exposed for what he really is. When you lie with dogs, you wake up with fleas. It was time Anglophones became honest with themselves and stopped being selective with the truth and their own brand of justice. This “Anglophone” mindset is narcotizing and self-deluding. We are not herds of hooligans. The moment we break-away from this ossified illusions of our self-righteousness, the clearer we will begin to see the reality around us and stand up for what is the truth. The truth; that is the credo—devoid of tribal or political handles. That Limbe Deep Seaport project will come about one day; like the neglected network of roads, crumbling infrastructure, lamentable judicial system, politics of chaos, economic malaise, social and moral decline etc, one day, it will be righted. It never depended on Forjindam or any other man being in power. It is a thing for the people to realize. E go hard wouna!
I think blaming the victims for "maturing early" or premature sexual dvelopment is the wrong perception of the issue. Something is terribly loose about the moral fiber of the Cameroonian fabric. The collective of the Cameroonian woman, who are meant to be the moral guardians of the society have abdicated their responsibility; they are just as loose as the men, with randy little minxes running around loose attracting old married men, mothers as well as daughters all hung-over from an intoxicating orgy of alcoholism and debauchery. Cameroon is steeped in a culture of moral decadence. Sex is so rampant and sex crimes treated with such levity, it is not normal. Until more Cameroonians travelled out of the country, they will never understand just what a rotten theirs is. Just move over to neighbouring Nigeria, and the culture is totally different, with tight-knit family circles, where the community imposes its moral mores as a cultural impreative.
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These are the sorts of barbaric cultural practices which the parliament should be fighting to pass a bill to eradicate in Parliament. Instead, the carpetbaggers have taken their 30 pieces of silver and betrayed the nation by perpetuating the regime of a clueless tyrant. Cameroon is a nation soaking in alcohol. No doubt sex is so rampant. Shame on Biya
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The Judases got their thirty pieces of silver and betrayed the nation. God curse the lot of them. The current Cameroon Parliament 2008 is made up of the most ignorant and rotten bunch of profligates. Thieves, thieves, thieves.
The entire parliament and their progenies, everyone of them that voted in that notorious bill to perpetuate Biya's stay in power, will be accursed for generations to come. If I have a relation in this present parliament, I hereby publicly denounce and reject him for gross betrayal of a sacrosanct, democratic and patriotic ideal. God Damn Biya and his bunch of carpetbaggers. Thieves in parliament. They are a the most rotten collection of persons you could ever find any where in the world.
I find it really odd that Biya's government continues on the same path of selective justice!! It is self-evident that if this number of X ministers who served at such high levels in his government were that profligate, then this is a trend that cuts across the whole cabinet, and by default most of his other appointments of his apparatchiks peppered throughout the country, in very important positions too. What about those who are still serving? Are they untainted by the scourge? What about the President himself? Does this mean he is unscathed? I'm sure even Biya is not that dim or deluded to imagine Cameroonians are ignorant of these facts. These apoplectic arrests won't satisfy the people. Biya's government has reached it's tipping point. They have no value!
I cannot help but applaud Maitre Charles Taku for the brilliance of his piece. He has raised the bar in the political discussions. This is the type of intelligent conversations we wish to entertain from members of the Cameroonian Law Society! Lawyers, intellectuals, lecturers, journalist, politicians and other intelligent professionals should unreservedly vent out their disgust and expose the monstrosity that is holding our country captive. Biya’s attempt to amend the constitution to eternalize his autoritarian stay in power should be our greatest insult and the crowning moment of our national humiliation. Lawyer Taku has accurately placed his finger on the pulsating fecal matter that bedevils Cameroon. Biya’s present unstabble mindset should be a national cause for concern. The 75 year old president is rapidly succumbing to the natural state of a man with a degenerating mental faculty—a polite euphemism for craziness and senility. With that as his lot, he is possessed by the fear of losing his grip on power—a situation with the potential for political reprisals, for his 26years of indelible decrepit rule. Biya and his apparatchiks know that once they lose their hold at the helm, they will not be free men or women—they will be marched off to the same rotten jails—the holding pens to which they have sent many innocent political citizens who dared to oppose them. Lacking vision or brilliance, Biya has no clue for a concept or formula needed to improve the economic/social/political woes we are now wading in. So he opts for the easiest and surest gimmick to political sustenance—a self-preserving constitutional coup d’état. In Nigeria, Obasanjo tried that one to foster his self-serving ambitions and it swept him out, a disgraced president who had successfully amended his blemished image of a military man, changing camouflage kaki for civilian Agbada! Like your average corrupt dictator, Biya does not listen to reason or learn from the sorry lot of his fellow tyrants; those whose countries were plunged into savage bloodbath by such dimwitted attitudes, even as the unfolding barbarism unfolds in Kenya—a living lesson. There has been Congo, Nigeria, Zaire, Uganda, Sudan, Chad, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi etc all succumbing to the uproar of annoyed citizens who couldn’t take it anymore. While Cameroon has celebrated the deceptive peace of the graveyard, many have at least stayed alive—at least some. Biya must have a very big mouth to dare opine about another country where there is civil strife. Because Cameroonians seem docile does not mean they are not thinking. Cameroon is now the laughing stock of Africa after Zimbabwe—two countries incredibly blessed with natural resources, but cursed by a leadership that is so unimaginably evil, they cling to power like remnants of another age, even as nature savagely drags them down to their graves. And may I add that nature is given a helping hand by drugs and alcohol, because these two are drunk and high as well. Biya is no teetotaler and the disorganized mind that he displays is evidence of a drug-addled mind. It took Biya 5 blissful years of chaos statis to instill the now-deeply entrenched systemic corruption that is the cancer of the nation. He and his political carpetbaggers have clinically decimated the economy, upping the ante of profligacy started by Ahidjo now thankfully dead. Now he has completely burnt himself out, leaving a bad smell that continues to linger. A ruthless self-deluding tyrant who ignorantly believes he knows more than everyone else the mystery of power. This is the most ignorant cavalier attitude from a man who cannot think himself out of the tank he has barricaded the country in. We lost our political position as the most important regional force. The best-educated Cameroonians fled the country. Those who stayed became sacrificial lambs and casualties of the status quo; underused and unemployed—that is, those who did not join the debauched CPDM ruling party. To survive in Cameroon, you must be one of the corrupt time-wasters and political sociopaths. Political opponents of the regime have been effectively maimed by Biya’s litany of presidential diktats. What passes for multiparty politics in Cameroon is the most bogus form of political phantasmagoria imaginable any where. There is no freedom of speech or movement in Cameroon. Opposition politicians are barred from expressing themselves on the public media and only Biya's propaganda is allowed to pass. Peace in Cameroon is a grave concern. With the ultimate power of arbitrary arrest in the hands of half-baked, mostly semi-literate armed degenerate policemen, the social life of the citizens is a living hell of harassment and intimidation and battery. These viral institutional armed bandits and thugs, greased agents and huggermuggers of the regime exemplify the vilest plague about the country. For instance, a qualified doctor raises professional concerns about the welfare of a patient, and he loses his job in a country that is collapsing under the weight of diseases and suffering a deficit of such qualified personnel! If this is not the height of political ignorance, then we are even in deeper slime than we realize. People are wondering why we continue to give these ignorant little Hitlers like CPDM Mayors, policemen, governors and government delegates the power over intelligent and free citizens. Someone who waves at you with an AK-47 is certainly not a friend! And these shameless willful fools have made it a hobby to smile and claim to be presiding over citizens of a free country? The longer the thinking Cameroonians allow this charade to continue, the more harshly history will judge us. We set up ourselves as cowards that slurped the dregs and the crumbs, and surrendered our birthright to an illegal alien invade, who ran roughshod over our feelings and our pain. Biya expended the huge esteem and goodwill lavished on him by the people that saw him rise on a crest of coronation from total obscurity. Ever since, it has been downhill all the way. We seem to be focused on hitting rock bottom first before rising to act. But we are speeding into an abyss—aren’t we abdicating our collective national responsibility by our collective if not complicit silence? Duty dictates that we rescued the country from the Eccentric Emperor at Etourdi. Must we be poked in the eye first, before we acted? I believe the kind of mausoleum or grave yard peace that we tend to celebrate in Cameroon is the real patriotic betrayal. For the parameters for judging a peaceful country first starts with the social welfare of the people. Social welfare? That is a nonexistent mirage in Cameroon—when duty calls, we must respond! We seem to be in a stupor. When will this darkness end? I hate to say this about songs I love, but Cameroonians seem to be under the hallucinatory illusions of the “I will survive” or “Staying Alive” mentality. No, no, we might survive, but what about the country? One thing is certain; having twice topped the league of Transparency International’s list of the most corrupt countries in the world, and the present state of the economy, Biya’s regime proves what sham it is, with this scathing indictment. The riddle of our times is this: what do we need to do to drive away this irritating bugger from our midst!
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2008 on In The Emperor's Mindset at Up Station Mountain Club
Here is a retinue of sickening Santa natives unleashing their ritual madness, this time in old repeats of their usual Dimabola prayer for Biya’s perpetuity in power! These Santaclueless "psycho-fans" have shot themselves grievously in the foot, by provoking the fury of the people, in order to trigger a swift and brutal exit for Biya. Biya is in no position to equivocate and mess with the Cameroon constitution. His time is past. He is living on borrowed time. If he dares to amend that by creating a clandestine re-entry point to succeed himself for the nth time, endorsed by this bunch of clueless gimps, he will be forcefully dragged out and disgraced by a popular call. Biya knows it. The people of Santa know it, irrespective of these philistines in their midst. We do not want any bloodshed in Cameroon. But neither can we continue to stomach this sort of inflammatory outpourings by this dour set of unimaginative lyrical clowns. We are better off descending into widespread civil unrest, than allowing such open hostility to go unchallenged, coming from this gallery of mind-numbing dimwits. These are the kinds of incendiary situations that will encourage the embittered but pliant long-suffering Cameroonians in a humongous revolution. It might eventually go down in the history of our country as "The Storming of the Ba Stooge," or "The Stoning of the Ba Stooge" for we will start with the ousting of this clutch of groveling Santa Baba sellouts! What these stooges are really doing is praying about their End time expectations. These are the words: Santaclueless CPDM Endtime Prayer Our Master, who art in Etourdi. Hollowed is your name, your time has come! The shit you excreted in Mvo'Meka, Has now landed in Santa. It seems the people have awoken To unleash their anger. Give us today our daily bribe. As you chop for Etourdi, No forget the people way dem want help you chop. Let the starving people, forgive us our crimes. As we forgive the sins of Those who resist taking our bribes. And lead us into temptation, By delivering us into evil. For Dead is our party. Our power is the Gory Forever and ever. Their Mamie é! The End!
This has become a ridiculous urban fad from these now-nervous Ministers. Why don't they just convert these seminaries into a prison fortress from which these Minister thieves could never escape? They are contaminating these erstwhile religious establishments by turning them into safe houses. I bet these sacked men have turned into fat couch potatoes, waddling from side to side, flicking chanels on TV, while luxuriating on fine wine and gourmet dinners. There is no doubt they must have furnished these "retirment" homes with money from stolen loot. It is hardly conceivable that after enjoying the boundless epecurian splendour that their Ministerial positions afforded, they will hunker down to to an ascertic life,living by the sacroscant laws of poverty and chastity and charity. These copycats have taken after former President Matthew Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, a career soldier who successfully polished up his savage khaki image, first with a luxuriantly embroidered Agbada when he became a Civilian President X 2, and later as a bibble grabbing, church going, hallelujah- howling, cassock-wearing Reverend, distancing himself even further from his military past. What I think is happening is that they are preparing themselves for a ringside sit, when their Major Domo Grand Maitre Biya will saunter in as the cardinal of the rogues hiding in cassocks!
I am terribly sad. These are the kinds of errors expected of the perennially- confused, inept, ill-trained, trigger-happy armed-criminals, who are meant to be custodians of public safety, called Cameroon police. But it may seem Cameroonians are imperiled more by their schizoid-mindedness and the dementia of these half-baked crowd, crazily waving their weapons, as they prey on the citizenry with unnecessary fury. A Police Commissioner who cannot hold his nerve; one who cannot be trusted to keep calm in a situation of crisis as described is not fit for purpose. Apparently, he has no scintilla of self-control, even with a deadly weapon in his hands. I do not know whether to put this down to their scandalously scanty and very bad training or just illiteracy. However, I couldn't possibly discard the presence of depravity and plain old wickedness on the part of some of our moronic officers. That is why I will always decry this institution of corruption and ineptitude— The Cameroon Police Force. They have always been one of the sources of our greatest failure as a nation. The mis-education of our armed forces is costing us very dearly. Gone are the days when unbalanced drifters and rabble-rousers were mopped off the streets and conscripted, just to make up the numbers. Without proper education on their role of social responsibility and a proper psychological profiling of prospective officers before they join the force, we are doomed to remain victims of their inadequacies. The Cameroon Police is another name for INEPTITUDE and CORRUPTION! What a failure!
So Adamou Ndam Njoya has now become a scaremonger!! When I read such hot air like the kind of noises coming from Adamou Ndam Njoya, I take a deep breath and try to rise about it. But it is hard. I get a headache from wondering why these fossilized politicians, people whom we used to hear of as kids, are still around stalking for power. When they lose the elections, they trigger the rumour mill with their scaremongering about War, in order to provoke his handful of supporters to engage in civil disobedience on his behalf. Let Adamou Ndam Njoya fight his own battle in his backyard. We won’t allow these violent persons to turn Cameroon into another “Rwanda”. On what grounds will there be civil war? Are his priorities; that is, the need to be president of Cameroon more important than that of the collective? On what policies is he politicking? How can he sell himself? What is his political and personal philosophy? What are his policies to get Cameroon out of our continuous economic, educational, socio-political impasse? Could he cross his heart in honesty and claim the moral high ground that he is not guilty of corruption, while he cavorted with Biya? Did he did not pilfer from the public purse like others? These self-righteous unconvicted criminals called political leaders, wear the face of the innocent when they are keen to get on the act. Put them in power and they’ll complete their negative metamorphosis sans pareille. When the Government fails woefully like they've done in the areas of corruption, economic decline, decaying public infrastructure, dysfunctional pedagogy, civil breakdown, non-existent amenities,—where is Adamu Ndam Njoya as an opposition leader, to hold up the Biya regime to account? We never hear him articulating on national crises. Instead of shadowing the Government like they ought as opposition leaders, in order to criticize and force the Government to work for the people, they mirror the failures of the same government. Incidentally they were a part of Biya's posse of thieves, until they were defenestrated. They even throw adult tantrums when corrupt money does not cascade down to them. All those noises are nothing but the humming of personal disgruntlement by people who long to continue enjoying the privileges that they once held. Was Adamou Ndam Njoya not once the Minister of Education? What did he do to improve the Anglophone Education, when every institution of higher learning was put in the domain of the Francophone? Let him retire and sit on his hands. He has nothing worth listening to and we refuse to rise to his bait for civil war, his hints not withstanding. Like a spoilt brat, he is portends nothing but an ill-omen, when his toys are taken away.
Thank you for the uplifting article. And yes, we hear you George, we are "... the Sumediang, the Eve of your ... civilization" To empower the woman is to empower the society. Today’s African woman knows better than to limit herself to the smoke kitchens with the soup ladle in her hand and the bedroom as a birthing machine. While the ring on the finger is a fine gem to behold, the African woman strives not to be limited by or be defined by it. The women of my grandma's generation knew nothing better to teach their female offspring than about the fantastic world of domesticity and matrimony! Especially, they educated them about the tools and the survival skills necessary to be a senior girl in this planet kitchen… My mother’s generation broke loose from the oppressive brassieres and tight girdles to celebrate their fertility, feminity and female liberation, with an eyeliner in one hand and a book in the other. They were angry, they were confrontational they were stubborn. They even went to Beijing to cement their female bonds, assuring each other of their freedoms and maybe etching their assertions in the yellow sun colored Chinese granite. But words bandied in the West and East hardly ricochet back to Africa. Africa is the shock absorber of all progressive concepts; the isms, the ologies the and the isocracies, as we have refused to be shocked But but will piss out these concepts together with the concoction of poisonous waste in our systems, that we usually piss out by the side of the road. What good is democracy to the African woman, when she still has no voice in her own home when the doors are closed, and she is away from the bright lights of Beijing? Our world turned into technicolour and the African women went further in school. she dispensed with the domestic goddess and morphed into the office bitch—or to be politically correct, the good witch in a corporate suit in stilettos! After all, it is the 21st century and the African woman has learnt to “wear her hair,” polish her nails, carry a laptop, drive a car, wield a blackberry, and preside over a board meeting. It is the century of the global village; the broadband generation of the African woman with a viewfinder to shoot on as broad a range as possible; she has a right. She is a fusion of everything— quality education, sophistication, forward-thinking, assertive, self-assured—in the WEST. How many of such women are given a chance to occupy top positions in Africa, without being attacked by a riot of male hormones? She broke the mould—or so we think! But how is her personal life? Did she manage to dispense with the residues that draw her back? Like the discriminatory cultures where the African woman does not inherit directly from her husband—maybe property for which she actually invested will be surrendered to her husband’s sisters. How about being treated like a maid during social occasions? She does not even socialize with her husband—even at a gathering where they went together? After the pressures of the office, will she have to crawl into the kitchen to pound foofoo for husband and if she is not careful she just migh get a walloping with it. That ring that she so proudly displays will now seem more like a miniature handcuff on her finger than a symbol of love and union. The fact is, there is always an elephant in the room for the African woman, no matter how far she moves. There are huge challenges to surmount, most of them stemming from cultural attitudes and mindset in situ, dating back 200 years old from which she never managed to escape. While we may have discarded the chastity belt, there is that blunt knife of torture for genital mutilation, where young and vulnerable girls are dragged off into the corridors of shame and pain. The point is, these analogies are examples of attitudes of “Afro-friction” which work counter to developmental concepts we are fighting to promote. African women are unfortunatley streamlined and circumscribed to stay at their base stations. Until these attitudes are discarded, the woman cannot give all that she is capable of giving. Until we have the same leverage as the African men; that is, treated with the same respect, the African woman will remain short-changed. While she may have glided up the greasy pole of globalization, she is dragged back by African cultures. Sometime has to give.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2007 on The African Woman at Up Station Mountain Club
After orchestrating the grand larceny of the economy, when he was in charge of the keys of the nation's coffers, Abah Abah needs more than just prayers to deliver him from the history police of our future nation's justice. He is a man with a crafty foresight. He knows how to protect himself from his inescapable fate when history will come beating down his doors for answers to his part in our national theft. He thinks a man masking behind the respectability that a clergyman’s robes afford will be difficult to persecute as a criminal. I do not agree that he will be remembered favorably in the history of our nation for motoring Cameroon towards the completion of the HIPC initiative. You want to ask how we got there in the first place. He is one of the icons of our economic perishability. As one of the dinosaurs long passed their sell-by date, he needed to have been retired before he was pushed out. As a finance minister, his tenure took the country to the nadir of corruption. He did not manage to instill discipline or professionalism in his ministry. He did not stabilize the ministry of finance. He and his cathedral of thieves emptied state treasuries barricading themselves behind their positions. So he needs more than a change of robes to escape the lynching that his soul deserves.
Folks, This is simply scandalous conspiratorial fraud by a glut of greedy landlords. How did these murky shylocks manage to top up their rents to such colossal levels? They directly benefit from the desperation of anxious students who are already in a crisis over fees and the cost of education with the school authorities. What is the justification for topping up rents for such badly constructed multiple accomodation? How many of these poor kids could afford rents at such extortionist rates? Most of these so-called "hostels" or mini-cités are said to be owned by the assembly of Cameroonians in the Diasporas, who leave them at the clasping claws of dishonest middle men called “caretakers” who happen to have discovered loopholes to steal. My thinking is that they simply add one or two thousands on top of the official rents set down by the landlords, and it keeps mounting! A few of these flats also belong to serving custom officers, Treasurers, and other public civil servants, including policemen, transport workers etc;-- people whose kids do not find themselves anywhere near these Cameroonian universities! Some are businessmen who just couldn’t be bothered about education and the future of the Cameroonian youth. Such astronomical amounts paid as rents constitute some of the foundational causes of the social breakdown that have imperiled our country. While students are squeezed for maximum rents, are there any measures to improve security and protection? Very vulnerable young students especially girls become the fodder of the opportunist sex-predators who haunt these “joints” scouting for targets and spreading their diseases. These costly rents also create an unhealthy competition between students. Some are weak to resist these sexual predators who promise them an easy life in exchange for sex. I wouldn't put it past these sort of wicked landlords and caretakers to be the very hyenas who turn around and ravish the students whom they make to feel insecure by persecuting them for rent rent rent! When we condemn the Biya-regime, we must not dissociate ourselves from this theatre of the absurd. Our views and judgments on the Biya are legendary. We whip up so much froth about public officials and corruption, and Police brutality towards the unarmed students. By exposing students to such a state of near penury and desperation, we deliberately play a nasty hand towards their punishment. We should not fail to see our part in this general debauchery. In connecting the dots that tie the corrupt, we find ourselves pulling the strings of this guilt by proxy. We must spare a thought for those poor and desperate parents who could ill afford 12 months rents in advance, which is the mandatory down-payment on an unfurnished student pad. An average of about 420,000 FRS CFA is what is asked and that is minus utilities! What about fees, food, cothing, transportation, furnishings, and petty runaroun money? What about money for books and the little things that cosy up a student’s life? I feel sorry for these poor kids who are hit by a double-whammy of extortion by landlords and debauchery by unconcerned university authorities.
Such barbarism in a secondary school is symptomatic of the unfettered violence that is rampant in the larger society. The headline is very vexing. A normal 20 year-old is a fully-fledged adult with muscles, capable of heading a family, and holding down a job. Many Cameroonians got a degree aged 20. It is no fault of anybody’s that this woman was an adult bully in a children’s refectory. She did not belong there. The average age of form four students in Cameroon secondary schools is 15! Five years younger than her. A 20 year old is not to be found charging like a feral fox in a secondary school, which is the studying place for young and vulnerable teenagers. And this violent girl lacks discipline; one of those over-aged persons who project their family dysfunctions unto the innocent. While this criminal will serve 12 or 14 years of her wild life behind bars, her unwitting victim’s family has forever been deprived of the life of their loved son. And the murderer will obviously emerge from her gulag, a more hardened criminal than she went in. We should pray for that unfortunate hour when she will be let loose again on the society. Who knows what next she will do? More is the pity that it is a woman. I actually wrote this, with the preconception that the killer was a man. What a shocker when I reread the post! God help Cameroon