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From a different perspective, there is no human, or being-in-the-world, without that form of time consciousness - a line of argument you can trace through Heidegger, Simondon, Derrida and Stiegler. A good way of following this is David Couzens Hoy's excellent "The Time of Our Lives: A critical history of temporality" (2009, MIT Press). Chapter 4 on the future is really good. However, its also (I'd argue) worth reading Bernard Stiegler's work "Technics and Time" (3 vols). Dan Ross (a translator of Stiegler & philosopher himself) has written an excellent wikipedia page on the first book in the Technics & Time series:,_1 "Technics and Time argues that "technics" forms the horizon of human existence. [...] The thesis of the book is that the genesis of technics corresponds not only to the genesis of what is called "human" but of temporality as such, and that this is the clue toward understanding the future of the dynamic process in which the human and the technical consists." (From the wikipedia page).
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An interesting reflection on Carr's book, I agree with your conclusion. You might be interested in a conference we ran last year: The conference concerned the emerging 'attention economy' (as Goldhaber has it: ), which largely took its starting point from Bernard Stiegler's book 'Taking Care of Youth & Generations' - there were some excellent presentations, which were live-blogged and we hope to have extended versions in 'print' soon.
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That picture of a dog remains disturbing Martin. However, a good presentation! Are you going to share some more insights into the motivations for participation? Perhaps that will come later, as the project matures...
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