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Sam Kinsman
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Once, I was in Hawaii on choir tour. I ended up in a small group that got chosen to sing on a radio show. Singing was an honor, but the best part of the morning was the breakfast buffet at the restaurant afterward. The food was, on the whole, delicious, but one part stood out. The coconut macadamia nut french toast. Nothing could have prepared me for the golden-toasty, melts-on-the-palate bread, slightly crunchy with bits of coconut mixed in. The warm syrup drizzled on top brought out the nutty flavor mixed into the bread. The cut was thick, the flavor was massive, and I went back for seconds. That specific french toast is my favorite breakfast food. Quite possibly my favorite meal of all time. I've never had anything like it. It's terribly sad to have reached breakfast perfection at age 22.
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Jul 29, 2010