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Voters, The Republicans and Gov. R. Scott, who is a 14 time Felon, from TX is controlled by the NRA. Florida has been put on a watch for vacationers and visitors to leave FL. They are not safe with the gun laws. Gun men can carry guns into the THEME Parks and killed many. It is too dangerous for Seniors, visitors and young students to be in Florida, your life is not safe.
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Of course the Tea Party and Republicans would support the dumbest woman Sarah Palin. She has the least knowledge of the USA and the world. She runs her mouth full of LIES. This woman is just a Republican HO. Helping to defeat the Republicans
Senator Mitch McConnell has been the biggest fraud on the people of KY for decades. The only support he give KY was pork barrel money. Money he stole from the tax payers. When he was forced to stop the pork barrel, the people and voters learned who the real McConnell was. A fake, a LIER, that did nothing for the people. KY lowest in education, health care, jobs, housing, etc. McConnell has been the big LIE and now the voters are seeing that. McConnell will be defeated in 2014. You can LIE for only a time, before the people get smart about the agenda of McConnell.
Hammond doesn't tell about the mass murders of blacks under white rule. I wonder why. What is Hammond agenda? Just like in the USA, white controlled the blacks,( as they still try to do with laws). Just because he was fighting for freedom for the blacks he had a just cause, by any name you want to call it. Mandela could have created a blood bath after he was elected President, he choose not too, forgiving even his jailer. Hammond need to tell the whole story of what happened and why Mandela was fighting for a cause. Is Hammond mad that Blacks got their freedom. Is Hammond mad that Blacks are still fighting in the USA for their freedoms.
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Texas Senator John Cornyn, he couldn't get Rep. Senator reelected or elected but he will now be promoted to second in line behind McConnell. This is the one of the big reason for Republicans huge decline. They promote the losers.
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Nov 9, 2012