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Sam Scott
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Facebook has been having emergency meetings all week on how to deal with this disaster, Zuck had a very interesting interaction with Scoble, he said he wouldn't comment until they had actual solutions to the problem (who has his own reasons to mistrust facebook). - New Settings:
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Are you KIDDING me?? He has continually removed privacy features that were very important to me and my social networks. Lack of choice (apple fan boys are oblivious to this) and completely betraying your base are NEVER a good move. I am amazed to see someone defend one of the most blatantly obvious mistakes in brand trust to date. I had to contact my family and let them know which details were public and which were not, they were horrified and very very mad because previously they had set all of this of private for very good reasons.
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I don't think their failure to find a way to make the free version sustainable is gutsy. They should have already been serving the needs of paying customers to begin with. This is just bad management.
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Gotcha, Yeah makes sense.
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Well moderating people who disagree doesn't make sense, but moderating hateful or obscene content seems perfectly acceptable to most (I think it would be pretty easy to prove your statement wrong)
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Feb 25, 2010