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I used a pay-as-you-go 3G data plan that's available over here. It's 1€ per hour. The speed is very limited though, so I was stuck with SD resolutions on the iPad, but Netflix streaming worked just great and I believe there were no buffering breaks in a 1-hour train trip.
I honestly still don't see Amazon as a threat. Well, I guess people who already subscribed to Prime for its other features might ditch Netflix at some point, but not being interested in the Prime Shipping perks, I don't think the amazon catalog is that good. - I would love to have Fringe on Netflix though, hopefully the exclusivity to Amazon will end soon and it will show up on Netflix. I've never watched that show. - I think Amazon has a few WB shows that were on Netflix a year ago, but never came back. Pushing Daisies, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Veronica Mars. I never read anything about exclusivity, those would be nice to have as well.
Dee, I'm right there with you! It's a pain having to check different websites to see if a title is available on one of the Netflix locations. Also, the most developed ones are only for the US, I guess there might be some blame on the Netflix API as well. I mean, even a simple "html table that lists all the titles available on Netflix worldwide and then has flags referring which country has that title available to stream instantly" would do it. But this is what I use: For US: FeedFliks and InstantWatcher. For Canada: For LatAm: OR . These are very simple but list new releases. For UK I don't know any...
Thought i'd chime in and suggest UnblockUS. it's not a VPN service, it's a SmartDNS service. It's 5$ a month and at the moment it supports US, Canada, UK/Ireland and Mexico/Brazil. I believe those are the only locations of Netflix so far? Hopefully they'll support Scandinavia by the end of the year too. I've been using it on my AppleTV2 and it really is great. When I want to change country I just need to go to their website (I've got it bookmarked on my phone) and pick the country from a dropdown menu. It's that easy, I don't even have to mess with the ATV2 every time I want to change countries. is another alternative, but i've been happy with UnblockUS. From my experience of maybe one month now using it: - US Netflix has more content in general, specially more TV Shows and more up-to-date than the rest of locations. - Canada has some movie blockbusters that Netflix doesn't, and it seems it also gets a few movies earlier than US Netflix. Weirdly, some shows get up-to-date weekly episodes: like Damages and 90210. However, no Closed Captions on CAN Netflix afaik. - UK. I think it's the one where I haven't been able to find that much content to watch. There are more UK TV Shows of course... For example Torchwood, Robin Hood, Hotel Babylon, Downton Abbey, Skins, Misfits, they're all there. Not sure if there are subtitles in English or not. - LatAm. This one has a really nice selection of Disney movies (most of them in HD I believe). They also have TV Shows that the US Netflix doesn't get from Showtime: The L Word, Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie. For some weird reason some shows are not available in HD here, such as Lost. Subtitles only in Spanish or Brazilian, no English.
There is indeed 4 out without streaming. It's 21.99
I think it's good that they are able to strike good deals for Latin America and Canada, who have been complaining about lack of content. It's just a shame that they are getting these shows now and the US isn't. Californication, Dexter, 90210, Nurse Jackie, The United States of Tara... I watch all of this shows :( Showtime if afraid of loosing cable costumers, they should be more afraid of not licensing the content to Netflix and people torrenting their stuff.
I don't see it as an alternative at least for the Streaming-part of netflix. I use VUDU as a secondary service for netflix, but even with their $0.99 deals, it's still 31$ a month IF you rent a movie every day. Of course, not all movies-of-the-day are rent-worthy :)
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Jul 28, 2011