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Brothers & Sisters we still are being remote controlled in our thoughts. The real person behind this strike is Ngoh Victor. You guy seem not to understand this mafia that is taking place at UB. But be careful I donot think we would like to see our own kids killes Or want our parents see us like the two brothers above. If we donot get the Mosquito Ngoh out of the system things will never change. I am telling you the truth about it all. The marabu that is staying in Ngoh's house is doing everything to get innocent Lambi out of Office. This is the plan. I hear be bribe to become professor just to gun for VC post. And he claims to fight corruption why is he not fight this one now. And we are here discussing and forgetting the Architects of this problems. I still say God's time is the best.
You people are not just seeing well here. The monster in this all deal ready to kill all is Ngoh. That mosquito. The sudents should watch out for this Vampire.
Honestly UB is smelling. Deaths and students' disturbances, really Ngoh what have u done to this University. Your leaf di really work yeah. But God's time is the best oohh