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Ellen Sandbeck
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United Airlines lost Addie, her French teacher, and her entire HIgh School French Club group (twenty kids) on their way back from France quite a few years ago. When parents got to the airport to pick our kids up, we were told: "That flight doesn't exist," and then they shut the door in our faces. It took hours for us to finally find someone who told us that our kids were stuck in Chicago, and after waiting several more hours, running back and forth between various gates, expecting our kids to arrive on various flights that we were told they might arrive on, we were told we had to come back the next morning. The next morning and afternoon, no kids, finally they started coming in ones and twos on various flights, in the evening. It turned out that the kids had been told, after they were shut out of their originally scheduled flight, that they needed to get to one gate or another immediately, in order to catch a flight, so they'd been running back and forth across O'Hare for hours both days, trying to get home. I would NEVER fly United if I could possibly avoid it! Needless to say, we never used the ridiculous voucher we were given as compensation.
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Aug 15, 2012