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Aug 12, 2011
Your boys look as if they have had a lot of fun in the bath, even tho I can only seen one. Pretty nails too. I get frustrated with my blog too, I cannot change anything and I would so like to change the header at least. And I can't put much on the side bar, boy did I pick a loser one. Stuff stopping/cutting down on the swearing, it will come in handy when the baby is on it's way lol. x Sandi
It works!!! That looks very cosy and snuggly. x Sandi
Oh that makes me feel so old...if my first husband and I had stayed together, we would have just celebrated our.....arrrrhhhh 37th anniversary. I was literally a child bride, but even so. Congrats to you both, you look gorgeous. x Sandi
Happy Birthday sweet little Cuckoo, a pink cake is quite ok and will be delicious. My eldest has a birthday on the 26th Dec. we always had a bbq party for his birthday. Take care. x Sandi
Gorgeous, yes definatly, cold too. Wishing you and your family a happy, happy day together. I bet your boys are super excited that Santa is almost here!!! xx Sandi
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2010 on Weather at The cuckoo is a pretty bird
Happy dance, happy dance....finally worked out how to comment here without all the mucking about to do it..yay!! Oh what a lovely post, I love your fire, do you have other heating as well?? Your blanket looks so cosy, your coasters look very seasidy and your boys sooooo cute. I can smell the roses too, I have very acute smell!!! Keep warm xx Sandi
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2010 on Feeling chuffed at The cuckoo is a pretty bird
Phew, I have trouble everytime I want to make a comment here!! I have been absent for a while, been extra busy getting things made for a stall that was on Sunday, and my internet has been on the fritz for a week. Lots to catch up on your blog, loving the photos. I havent sent your dish cloth yet, sorry, I will get it in the mail tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed that you get it before Christmas. It is the first of summer tomorrow and it still feels like winter some days, very weird weather all round. xx Sandi
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2010 on Goodness me! at The cuckoo is a pretty bird
Hi there, what a lovely post, I love your big fire place, no wonder you love to hibernate in winter, I do too but I don't have a fireplace to sit in front of. One day I will again. Your boys are so cute, so innocent looking hehe. Your granny blanket looks so cosy too. Wow 6 months, yes funny how that first twinge brings it all back, but it goes again quickly. Take care and hugs Sandi xx Oh did you get my email??????
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2010 on Cosy cosy at The cuckoo is a pretty bird
Hello you, and a big congratulations too, what wonderful news and so can understand your absence. Ah the tiredness, the third does it to you. Oh I can relate to not having help when you need it for one reason or another. Love the cake too. Take care put the feet up whenever you can. Hugs Sandi xx
Helloooooooo, where are youuuuuu. Hope you are oki doki. Sandi x
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2010 on Ropey at The cuckoo is a pretty bird
Awwwwww, you are sweet, and I am the first to comment....haha it looks like I am a stalker, never fear I'm not. Love all your goodies and your boys are too, too cute and don't sweat the small stuff I say, the boys will survive without veggies for a day or two. I recon we all need a GW :) Anyways look after yourself and get well soon. Sandi x
Standing in the sun, washing on the line blowing in the breeze, summer flowers in a vase.....verses..... sitting inside with a grey rainy day outside, washing on the clothes horses over the vents to dry, no flowers in a vase, wanna swap???? Your pants are great by the way. Sandi
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Jun 23, 2010
Hello there, I know how you feel re comments, I have just started a blog myself and have no idea if anyone reads them (apart from a couple of comments) so my words may be just whirling around space having fun on their own. I love your mum's comment, my mum used to 'make' me knit and embroider much to my horror, how I appreciate it now. And I miss my cuckoo too, 10 years now, she was the only one I could talk to, we called her Bud, as my brother said, she looked like a rose bud, awww!! Have a great day/night. Sandi is now following The Typepad Team
Jun 21, 2010