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Thanks for the feedback, Iola & Brent! Sandy
Ah, Dana, I ALWAYS proofread on paper. But I always print on both sides of the paper! Sandy Beckwith
I'm glad it was helpful, Liesa. Thanks for commenting. Also, in my experience, sometimes the person who wrote the press release is too close to the content to spot all of the mistakes (OK...I'm talking about myself here...). It helps me to have fresh eyes proofread it but when that isn't possible, I use this trick: I e-mail it to myself. For some reason, seeing it copied & pasted into the e-mail message helps me see it differently and catch mistakes. Sandy Beckwith
You were smart to do the research, Tammy. Congratulations on your success! (And thanks for the kind words.) Sandy Beckwith
Jenel, that is so interesting! I've used PRWeb many times and never encountered that (and never used a client name in the headline...). Hmmm... Sandy Beckwith
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Sep 6, 2012