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I watched Top Gear (UK) and Super Troopers this holiday weekend.
Really? We're back on this again? I guess we're only getting about a week's worth of peace from this drivel. I had reduced the amount of times came to this site because of this banter, I was delighted to see the moderator put the brakes on it, not it appears to have resurfaced. I really don't want to stop using this site, I fear I may have to.
Most of what I would like to see have been mentioned on previous comments. But I would really love to see: -Judging Amy -Crash Dive -Love at First Bite -Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here -The Jungle Book
Yes, I first noticed the issue Sunday. It appeared all the shows I viewed through yesterday, Netflix didn't recognize. However as of 9:00am this morning it seems to have recognize all my viewing activity.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and state that I wouldn't watch Sarah Palin's Alaska. Hopefully I don't get attacked for it, but I'm going to attempt to defend "things" here for a quick moment. Like me, maybe that type of program doesn't entertain him/her. I'm not "anti-Palin", nor am I a "libtard", I just don't enjoy reality tv. This shouldn't be a politcal discussion, let's keep it to Netflix and movies.
I don't mean to sound insulting, but I don't allow movies to run my life. I have a rather large selection of movies in queue, and as they come in, I watch them and send them out on my own time. As for long and very long waits, that doesn't bother me one bit. Especially if they're new releases. The movies aren't going anywhere, I know I'll eventually view them, and I highly doubt I need to see them as soon as they're released because they'll leave some sort of life long lasting impact on me. I'm very happy with Netflix, I'm on an 8 at-a-time plan. I know after a long day at work I can come home and pop something into the TV, or if nothing is there, I can stream it.
I agree with "Bast". Maybe, just maybe the Social Network would be worth renting. However nothing else seems to grab my attention. Went to see Paranormal Activity 2 in theaters. I walked out disappointed. I'll admit, the first was enjoyable for me.
I'm in total agreement with Randy A. While I use Netflix almost daily, I can wait months, even years for a movie. Some people are impulse buyer's, they then spend x amount of money on a movie they'll watch a few times then probably put on the shelf. I can rent it, watch it, and if I would like to see it again, I'll re-rent it. I can honestly say the 28 day delay hasn't swayed my purchasing habits of movies, simply because Netflix changed that ten years ago for me. Because of Netflix I'll rent the movie first, and if it really stuck, then I may purchase it.
Personally in my humble opinion, I prefer the Xbox 360. I do own a Wii, PS3, as well, and use each device to stream, however, the Wii is pretty much obsolete to me and haven't used it for streaming in maybe six months. The PS3, I disgusted with for certain reasons, I also don't enjoy their online network. The 360 I'm happy with. I (when I do have time) play on live, my 360 is online every time I use it. Just personal preference, I'm not into the technicals, I just enjoy watching a good movie.
@William: At what point? No point should they. There is no need for the government to step in and regulate the movie rental industry. They have a hard enough time regulating themselves, do you think they're capable or have the time to watch two independent companies make deals about media, and movies? That's not as a voter what I would want them to do. It's up to as as consumers in a free market to help change things. We vote with our dollar. If we don't want something, or don't like they way something is being sold, or we don't feel the value that they're selling us a product is actually worth what they claim, we don't purchase it. Once it starts affecting their bottom line, they'll change their ways. A business can't survive without money, and if it's not making money, well I guess you can assume what happens next. (Maybe in the case of William you would expect a government bailout,) but most rational people would assume they'd be smart enough to lower prices to more affordable terms. We're adults here, we can't look to the government to hold out hands in life and fix everything we feel is unfair. It's a free market like it or not. Someone once commented many months ago during an earnings release that people become "Communist" during earnings time. It appears it happens more often than I thought. It's ridiculous to think we always need the government to regulate. Vote with your dollar, believe me, its effective,
Last night (12:30am) I watched several movies and didn't notice any problems. I was watching on an Xbox and did not use my computer.
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Jan 21, 2011