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Hey Rhonda, You hit the nail on the head -- it's important to be human all things we do. Thanks for commenting! Sandy :-)
Hi Oma, EEK! That sound definitely would shock you back to the present. :-) I like the digital sand on the Polder...makes me think of an hourglass. Thanks for commenting, Sandy :-)
Hi Lily, You're SO's amazingly easy to get distracted -- especially working online. My timer saves me daily. :-) Enjoy yours and remember, it takes about 3 weeks to form a new habit and doing/using consistently. With abundance, Sandy :-)
Hi Kyra, I'm glad you enjoyed the video -- visuals are great for helping get your point across. Great question, about having a blog or website -- more than we can cover here. The short answer is that I think both have a place in your business. Hope this helps, Sandy :-)
Well said! And SO true, yet outsourcing is something many entrepreneurs and small biz owners frequently put off thinking they have to jump in with 40 hours/week when they can "purchase" as litte as an hour a month. Thanks for commenting! Sandy :-)
Hey Amy, Thanks for commenting! Isn't it amazing how many ways the standard "kitchen" timer can be used? It's all about optimizing and repurposing the tools we have. :-) With abundance, Sandy :-)
Hi Joanne, was definitely the "shake, shake, shake". He's a crazy little dog. :-) The Door to my business has a big sign on it: "Welcome to Sandy's, where show you how to get the right things done at the right time in order to become, and stay, profitable." With abundance, Sandy :-)
Hi Melanie, Thanks for commenting! What's sadder than some coaches not delivering as promised, or insinuated through their marketing, is their total lack of availability combined with a contract which requires their clients to continue paying even if the program isn't right for them. The way I see it. . .if a program's right for the client and the client's seeing results, she'll stay which is why I don't use those type of contracts in my business. I agree that we need to support our colleagues in making the decisions best for their businesses and themselves and that's part of the reason I encourage them to ask lots of questions up front. When it works, it's a win-win-win: a win for our client, a win for our client's clients and a win for us. When it doesn't work, no one wins. Sandy :-)
Hi Janet, Yep. . .it's great to have systems and a team to implement them for you, but people need to be more than robots. They have to actually READ what something says and determine if the "canned response" makes sense. . .if not, tweak it. Thanks for commenting! Sandy :-)
Hi Carolyn, Joanne, Gillian, Lela, Tanisha, You hit the nail on the head...the key about the "escalator" approach is that not only does it provide clients with a system or products and programs that grow with them, it also supports them every step of the way. Done right, you create a community for your clients to grow and thrive in and that's a win/win/win (win for your clients, win for THEIR clients since they're at their best and win for you). I appreciate your commenting...thank you! In full and unwavering support of you, Sandy :-)
Hi Kim, You're so right...the pyramid does cut people off -- uh oh, now we have "meat grinders" and "cutting people off". This isn't going anywhere good. :-) I like the natural progression of the escalator as it sets up our businesses to serve clients at all levels -- while being true to our industry and niche. Thanks so much for your input! Sandy :-)
Hey Elissa Joy, The "meat grinder" is pretty vivid isn't it...EWWW! I don't script the videos and as I looked at the funnel, it hit me that that's the feeling I always get from them and POOF! out came the words. While icky, it does get reflect what happens with funnels. I'm looking forward to Create Your Best Fall Ever and am thrilled you're in it! :-) *See* you tomorrow, Love and hugs, Sandy :-)
Hi Shannon and Shawn, I absolutely love how we're of the same mindset -- we truly are soul sisters! Shannon...hop on -- it's an awesome journey! :-) And like you Shawn, I'm never happier than with a whiteboard and marker in hand...we're teachers at heart. Thanks for commenting! I love hearing your thoughts. With love and abundance, Sandy :-)
Thanks for the spot on comments and thoughts! Looks like the movement is afoot. :-) answer your question, I believe that if enough people choose to spend their/our money elsewhere that it WILL put an end to the madness. :-)
Thanks so much for your comments -- I'm both honored and humbled by them! Therese...I agree with you, it IS all about integrity. I refuse to build my business by bankrupting others or feel bad that I'm not charging thousands. Seeing my clients get results is part of the "payment" for me. Thanks for your love and support AND for helping us entrepreneurs get unstuck! :-)'s to keeping it real while making it real! Thanks for your comments! :-) Monica...thank you so much -- your comments brought tears to my eyes and I appreciate you sharing them here. You are an amazing woman with an amazing business and it's time for the world to see that!'re so right! Many biz owners sign up for something much larger than they's often best to start smaller until you know you resonate with the person and are ready for the next thing. Carolyn...thanks so much! I'm looking forward to working with you and appreciate your comments! Sandy...thanks! And thanks for sharing this blog with Larissa! :-)
Hi Kate, The great thing about that little voice is that it knows to tap you on the shoulder and say "wait...let's revisit this". That's the type of thing we'll be doing in "From Your Vision Board to Reality" ( -- starting from the ground up and designing a business that's sustainable, complete with programs, products, services and the plan to fill them. Supporting you every step, Sandy :-)
Hi Joanne, Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the "quickvids" -- I'm having fun recording them. :-) Sandy :-)
Hi Giulietta, I'd add "steady AND improving" -- by creating a sustainable business which consistently improves, we free ourselves up to share our gifts (time, energy, money, etc.) with the universe. . .helping all things to thrive. Thanks so much for your comment! With love and abundance, Sandy :-)
Hi Bea, No whacking here! So glad you enjoyed the site and video. :-) I'm looking forward to working with you! Sandy :-)
Hey MaryPat, Sometimes all we need is that little tweak and putting something up on the whiteboard so we can *see* it often makes all the difference. You're so's totally fixable. And addressing it will naturally lead to increased revenues. With love and abundance, Sandy :-)
Hi Bonnie, You have such fabulous ideas...I can't wait till we monetize AND leverage them through It's time to let your readers know all the great stuff you have in store for them. With love and abundance, Sandy :-)
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Eydie, You're exactly right! Not only does the vendor have to have great client service, the client has to live up to her side of the bargain. I know of a web designer who refuses to start a project until she has all pieces in from the client -- those strong boundaries as a basic part of her business allow her to get the job done quickly and efficiently and, just as importantly, are in service to the client getting a finished product quickly which makes everyone a winner. :-) As a business owner, what boundaries/policies can you put in place which will serve you and your clients so that you work in the most effective and efficient way? Thanks for writing! Sandy :-)
Hi Lucretia, Absolutely! I'm only sorry they beat me to it. :-) Happy Friday! Sandy :-)
Hi ladies... Gina -- I absolutely agree. It's a privilege to be on our list and, as an author/publisher, I'm honored that people take time out of their busy day to read my ezine. It's part of the reason I try to keep the content level high and the promotion level low. Shannon -- It's definitely a two-way street. I'll be scrubbing my list at month's end as well. Sunshine -- I couldn't agree more...if you're no longer getting value or if an ezine no longer resonates with you, save everyone the time and unsubscribe. There's no sense in receiving something that doesn't positively add to your day. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Sandy :-)