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San Francisco
Found of the online mother and child boutique, Petit Bliss
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Well said, Kristen. Having only girls myself, I don't know how I would stand if I had a boy, but I can completely see why you would be more drawn to your daughters activities. That doesn't mean that you love one more than the other, it just means that you share more the same interests as your daughter. Daddy probably likes to hang more with his son than his daughter, which is also normal. As long as you show them love and affection and make sure they know you are always there for them, that is what counts!!
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May 6, 2010
I couldn't agree with you more, Erin. Just because you do not give birth to a child does not mean that the child is less yours. You are right that actions like Tory's might backtrack some in the progress that have been made within adoptions and it might also make it harder for future families that wants to adopt. It is already a long and difficult process, but when you hear about stories like these, it doesn't make it easier. Some people do not think about their actions before they actually do it, which is very sad for many parties involved. A child is a blessing - ALSO during the tough times!
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I completely agree, StephV, that much of the money will probably go somewhere that will not benefit our children. But the problem is that if we do not donate the money requested we will suddenly have 30 kids in a classroom, no more music or libraries and other things they are planning to close down. You are completely right, LindaD, that $ 900 is a LOT and I think it is outrageous too. What you are being asked to donate seems so much more reasonable. Hopefully they will be able to switch things around and still give our children the education they deserve.
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Mar 25, 2010