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I worked for a WLS program for 5 years as a data analyst and this just makes me crazy on many many things to pick apart on that story, but these quotes make me LOL and not in a good way. and right now my head hurts.. the second last quote: there are some insurance companies and hospitals looking at deaths beyond 30 days, in fact, IME every single death (granted, those that you know about) was supposed to be reported on, and that's deaths for any related or not. We used to specifically look at everything from surgery date to 90 days, then 6/12/18 months and on and on... that last quote about the band being too tight...that sounds like obstruction or bad positioning, concentric dilation/slipping maybe...adjustments aren't always the issue, get the pt into under fluoroscope and have a look Christine Ren-Fielding admitted in an academic article that because some pataients die months afterward, "the incidence of bariatric deaths in New York City is practically unknowable for us." "the lowest death rate in the world, in the history of bariatric surgery." Studies show the death rate for bariatric surgery is under 2 percent, but the research rarely accounts for deaths from complications after 30 days. He claimed the band was cinched so tight -- despite adjustments made during six post-op visits -- that solids and liquids did not reach her stomach
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I was gettin' all excited, I was enrolled in NCT00394212 but haven't ever read how it reported out.
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wow, so much I want to say and can't find the words :(
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what is whole grain brown rice protein? Anyone?
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next time, if there is one, try the cereal? Not helpful I know...but yep, it's good news for you
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This week I received some samples from celebrate, I must say, as much as I <3 chocolate, I MUCH prefer the lemon calcet's...
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I am not convinced pancreatectomy is the solution....You're pretty much the expert, what say you?
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Mar 27, 2010