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Maybe he picked up a cold during last week's travel for the dedication:
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Biden has a sorta Spiro Agnew-esque way about him, does he not. Make America Even Greater.
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Upstream someone linked Kimberly Strassel's comments on the kerfuffle as repeated in Zero Hedge ( IN the comments there is this link to a youtube of a black guy who has interspersed his commentary with various media clips (POTUS, biden, RT reports, various dems, etc) from the last few days. Aside from the laugh-out-loud shaking-head-in-agreement nature of the gent's comments, what I find interesting is that here's a black guy is is strongly supporting Trump. He put A LOT of EFFORT to create this video, the content shows a degree or awareness, technical competence, and humor which is reminiscent of, well, here (JoM). Superb work. If this reflects increasing agreement with POTUS among blacks and other minorities, the Overton Window, as Mel suggests, is definitely shifting.
Hey, Jews are just as good as Catholics at the guilt thing! HAHAHAHA Good one, Centurion
Yeah, Narc, the script was lousy... if sahar was Ari's gurl, then she'd directly want Gibbs, not simply through Gibbs to get to Ziva. Savage? You mean they way Ziva recovered the necklace?? lol
Biden may be the straw that broke the uniparty's back. I'd like to think so, but imo such optimism is mis-placed.
Hi, Jim, thanks JimmyK Where's Mitch Rapp when we need him?
Off topic... anyone watch the NCIS premiere last night? Good to see Ziva back, I guess the series, with all of the personnel changes, was not doing as well. But, Ziva looks a bit, what is the correct word... hmmm, maybe I should just say she's not as fit as she used to be. She even alludes to it saying to Gibbs (paraphrase): I'm not who I was Gibbs, and you are not who you were either..." I gotta say, in what was an otherwise uninspiring script, the line where Ziva tells Gibbs that he never came looking for her, where she suggests she thought of him as her father and that he had abandoned her after the bombing; that line was one of the heaviest guilt trips I've heard on the small screen. wow. ...and Ziva is supposed to be Jewish, not Catholic. HAHAHAHAHA.
Latest sign in front of my home:
(for a number of weeks I was unable to post. Wouldn't accept my twitter log-on, and using the open-source ID, I constantly receive a message that the email addy is already in use, but I cannot for the life of me, use it, or update my password. Thus, I stopped for a bit.)
Deep state tried a two-fer, hitting Boris in the UK in the Brit Supreme Ct decision, and DJT for this hokey-pokey. Seems to me the deep-state sweat level is high. MAGA - KAG
Oh, and "Have a nice day!"
HI !
Army Lets Slip That It's Conducting Secret Operation Around D.C. Routine training for non-routine units. Saying that, this type of training is highly//HIGHLY specialized. In one form or another it happens across CONUS roughly four times a year. ~~~ Blackhawks at the Pentagon ! quelle surprise
GUS: "Anyone see the FLAW in the "SCIENTISTS" thinking??" Aside from Florida having alligators and NOT crocs... but but but, scientists say.... so it must be true.
Good morning JoMers Some of you may have seen my note regarding the "Stay The Course" Letter. The soft roll-out seems to be working to advantage with an increasing number of site picking up the letter, including the Taipei Times the Epoch Times the Aboluowang (Taiwan’s Indigenous People) and just this morning, American Greatness: I have deleted some of the links to get this post through typhus
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Catching up, was away at Mass & Dinner. Now watching a TdF stage, what a great sporting event. ~~~~~ What was it someone said years ago? Cats think: they feed me, clean up after me, change the litter box, play stupid games with me, I must be a god. Dogs think: they feed me, take me for walks, brush me, clean up my scat, they must be gods! ~~~~~ Who was it who said she was up in the "great white north" ? AHEM. Need I point out the incredibly racist, no RACIST nature of such a comment? Why is the north white? Huh?? And Great--nothing that is white can be great. By definition. Whoever wrote that probably has slave dogs too. ~~~ A few weeks ago Narcisco came under, IMNSHO, a totally unwarranted attack. That attack bothered me for a couple reasons. One, it was unjustified. Two, the attack caused me to think less of the person who made it, and I know the person who made the attack has, interalia, accomplished much in life. That is to say, the flame said more about the flame-thrower than Narc. I'm sorry for Narc, sorry for the JoM tribe. I cannot apologize for the flame-thrower, it is not my place. ~~ When I'm in my cups--rather infrequently these days, but at one time a more common occurrence, my typical reaction is to be funny (or at least I think I'm funny) and then get tired and fall asleep. At one point the joke was, if Sandy hasn't fallen asleep while you were visiting, you weren't a real friend; only the 'real' friends had been around often enough to see Sandy fall sleep. Not everyone reacts similarly to depressants or stimulants, however. Some here have given it all a pass. Well done and congratulations on your continuing sobriety. Others here might still need to consider such a journey. Or, at least meet in the middle. My 2¢. God bless all the four legged slaves and their owners. God Bless you all. Good night.
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A life lesson from our dogs, Clarice, telling me what I *should* be doing... No, Miss M, we've talked about this previously--but I don't expect you to remember. Jack and Hitch are English Shepherds, as is, IIRC your pooch, and Robin's too.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2019 on Saturday At The Open at JustOneMinute
Beware ! -- understand it is russian spyware...
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2019 on Saturday At The Open at JustOneMinute
Doing well, Thanks, Narc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just walked into the other room to see this. I think they've got the right idea. (Jack two years old, on left; Hitch, Jack's younger brother from a subsequent litter, one year old, on right.)
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I like, realllllllllllly like, this: 5'24" listen in the background... soon you'll be swaying to the gentle rhythms
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An old military joke at time of retirement used to be: "When I entered the Navy (other service) Homosexuality was illegal. Today it is optional. Glad I'm getting out before it is mandatory." A 'remix' version of that might be easily: "When I entered the Navy (other service) our job was to be prepared to kill Communists. Today, they are a protected interest group. Glad I'm getting out before I'm sent to the re-education camps."
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MM - Thanks. Good observations! Boris - Glad you liked the Elvis remix vid. I think there are many of us who would appreciate ilhan omar having a *lower* profile.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2019 on Saturday At The Open at JustOneMinute
Jim, I see GC regularly on Lou Dobbs, and in the email list on China in which he (and I) have participated for years, his comments are always direct and consistent with the letter.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2019 on Saturday At The Open at JustOneMinute