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Sandy Gunder
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My husband and I joint teach a class at our local church and had attendees who were sitting with heads down, texting frantically - not to someone outside, but to each other! Of course, their participation in the class was nil. At the end of one lesson, Ian (who's a nurse) asked if any of the students had diabetes, heart disease, were on dialysis, were using a medication pump, or receiving a blood transfusion via their mobile phones. Naturally the asnwer was 'no' so he reminded them of the reason that they were in God's house and there to learn about him. He then requested that, as their phones were not vital to their existence that they turn them off when they attend our class. There were some very disgruntled expressions and a few left the class, however, participation has improved.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2010 on Teens and Texting at The Homeschool Journey
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Jan 18, 2010