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And they ate the cabbage???? You will have a VERY smelly nursery tomorrow!
Oh dear!!!! I have tears streaming down my face, I have laughed so much!!! This reminds me of my very first teaching practise; I was in a posh school not far from our teaching college, (you know the one!), and it was my very first observation by the college tutor. I was reading the story at the end of the day, and we had about five minutes before home time so we began to sing. I must have been nervous, as I quickly exhausted my repetoire of nursery rhymes and songs by Barney the Dinosaur, so I asked the children if anyone would like to come to the front and sing a song for us all. Thus, the tutor and I were serenaded by a 4 yr old with a version of "Like A Virgin" that would have done Madonna proud! Jane; I thought of Monsters Inc, too, as soon as I read about the doors. I also thought of Jim Morrison, but quickly put that thought to the back of my mind. "Light(ing) My Fire" in the Nursery playground would not be appropriate, due to H&S restrictions. Alistair; like the idea of adding texture to your playdough with vomit...I'd not thought of that one.
Are you doing any Letters & Sounds yet? Do you do a separate weekly plan for L&S, with the whole palaver - revisit, teach, practise, apply - just to say that you are playing Granny's Footsteps?
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Our role play is now a stage, and today I was Beyonce. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
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Thanks for today - it was very constructive. We shall continue to follow your blog and carry on the upward struggle to Early Years Sainthood.
*Faints* I am in awe at your outdoor area, and that is before you have even done anything! How many staff do you have in order to ensure continuous outdoor provision in your setting?
Your "talk sofa" looks nicer than my living room! I think I can spot one of my cushions there, too. How many children do you have in school at the moment? We started off with the full intake - your graduated approach seems much "kinder" both children and adults :-) I still have Friday's migraine - hope it goes before X Factor starts.
Love you Alistair - that is all exactly what I proposed!!!!! I've got a really nice FS audit that covers ECM outcomes (which I pinched from somewhere!). I'll send it to you.
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Arrrggghhh - just realised; I've had a request from the HT for a copy of our Yearly and Termly planning for the Nursery. What on earth do I give in? Blank planning formats?
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No planning for my 2 and 1/2 nursery days, either! Wooohooooo! We will do assessments for the morning children who were last years' afternoon children (iykwim).
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I can assure you that it was not me (or my daughter!!!) on the phone! Good luck for tomorrow. (Thank God it's Friday!) We've got loads of hard work to show you when you visit.
Yay! Keep at it, Alistair - no sleep until that baseline is done!!!! I've got both of these handy tools - a flip and a "spy-pen",,,,I have found them great over the holidays, which my husband will vouch for - especially when I said, "I have PROOF that you said you'd decorate the dining room over the Bank Holiday!" (Haven't used it in class, though!!)
The mist is clearing!!!!!!!! (Off to practise my Kung Foo.)
Oooh, meant to I'll do it here in case anyone is as thick as me and rubbish at Early Years, (oooh give me Y6 any day!), in the Adult Focus Activity bit, I will have to record one of my adults doing the Letters and Sounds stuff daily won't I, as well as the PLOD-y adult? Now I'm wondering where will the other adult will come from who will be in continuous provision???? (Thinking of pm, when there are only 2 of us.)
I would have a drink as I plan...but you know what would happen!!! Planner looks easy enough to understand, and could be filled in daily with staff before the start of the session. Would you fill it in daily, or use the PLODs from the medium term to plan where adults would be throughout the week.
My husband told me I smelt wonderful tonight, and asked me what perfume I am wearing. Do I tell him it is playdough?
Oooh more planning know I love them! Shall download and inwardly digest. Re; Baseline assmt - As discussed in July, won't the DMs for 22-30 months do for point of entry assessment? That's what I am planning to use in the absence of anything else.
Where are you getting all your fabric and cardboard boxes from? Got no money at the mo to buy any, as I chucked out some very mouldy toys from the water tray yesterday, so will have to replace them. Do you think I could cut up some old clothes to use in role play - hubby's shirts, flowery blouses, etc? (We could re-enact "Hair"!)
I can download it, Tam???? Is it your version of MSWord? Alistair...where are the other planning documents....Dexter is on at 10pm - I don't want to miss it!!!!!
I am going to pinch all these ideas, so when you come back to our nursery it might look identical!!!
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Aug 18, 2010
I shall follow your blog with interest, as we both seem to be doing the same thing in Nursery! What kind of observation formats are you using? What assessment records will you be keeping? How will you use your planning for children who are accessing their 15hrs entitlement at different times to each other, (iykwim)?
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Aug 18, 2010