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It is sad that students have been killed in another strike at UB?Are there still riot police in the campus?Are the students back in classes?We need to know these things. The students should alos learn from Nelson Mandela,Ghandhi, Martin Luther King about the wisdom and the power of non-violent demonstrations.If this is done, it will be to thier advantage because the administration will always act violently and this will give them the right amount of public support.The protest will then take a broader platform.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2006 on That Other List… at Up Station Mountain Club
Asonganyi has given us hope that there are still some players in the polital arena today who are decent and have taken the time to study and understand how the political process can move forward in a positive direction.On the otherhand, I really don't think the current crisis in the SDF can be viewed as something positive.The matter is in the Cameroonian courts, a place where money buys 'justice'. I fail to see how this can be described as something positive.Why could debate not take place 'inhouse'?
There are some basic truths in what you say. But your overall argument is flawed. I wont even bother to explain in detail why I say so because it's so obvious your in Ni John's camp.To set matters straight, I'm not a SDF militant but I acknoledge the contribution the SDF and Ni John have made to the political process of the country.But I would also say that a party where dialogue, debate and critisism can't take place is not fit to govern, and we as Cameroonians should pray it never governs.We are looking forward to a Cameroon without Paul Biya/CPDM but the SDF in it's present 'form' is not a valuable option.And it is sad because there are no better options.