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The difficult part is: I don’t think I have a pen anywhere ... a pencil is more likely I’m sure (probably in with the matting stuff) ... and I know there is paper in the printer ... all set !!! Might be easier to just type it on the iPad (did you mean only paper & pencil?). Now, if I can just remember the first twenty I was going to jot down this is 85% complete. Thanks, I need some brain exercise.
The 25 Anaversery Edition is now listed on the Tablet page ... way to go! ... $5.95 ... don’t remember the last time I intentionally bought a paper edition of anything ...
Don’t they say “a day late & a dollar short” ? That’s Nikon! Developed a hand tremor in my right hand, needed stabilization, looked around, switched from a Nikon D750 to a Lumix GX85 w/ 30/60 (whichever) macro and its wonderful. Yes, the image quality is definitely different but it has grown on me. That was last March — now Nikon offers stabilization but no sign of a macro yet. Let’s see how much they leave out of the baby Nikon but I’m happy where I am ...... no GAS yet.
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Hang in there Mike we always have to face off the other side at some point ... even if at times we are facing off ourself ... & there is most likely a Tao saying somewhere regarding “water off a duck’s back” ...
Mike: try your iPad ... have been pondering making a hood for it ...
As someone of approximately your age I understand where all this is coming from and perhaps going to ... have you yet pondered the state or your digital files? ... you have a son who might be savy but I only have a “significant other” and she can’t seem to remember how to copy & paste let alone what is on iCould ! ... just makes one wonder just where things will end up ...
Just checked iBooks and “Light, Gesture and Texture” is available for $31.99. That’s nice ‘cause I like books on my iPads. Although there are three full bookcases available I just tend to the iBooks. So, I downloaded the ‘sample’ iBook. It was a total of 20 pages five of which were text from what seems to be the introduction but NO illustrations. Somehow I would like to see an example or two of the images and how they look on the iPad. After all it is a photography book. I don’t know how much experience you and the readers here have had with iBooks but when you get a sample of a fiction book you get a hundred or so pages which is up to a third of the book. Not looking for a third of a book but a reasonable sample would be appreciated. Anyone here into iPads for reading, viewing images, editing???
One thing not on the list was power/batteries. There is a Nikon D1x which was saved from full retirement for $175 and mostly sits on a bookshelf. Last week it was taken off the bookshelf with the intent of some exercise but alas the battery was dead so it now rests on a table while the battery was bugged into it snake of a charger. During the charging, the exercise was forgotten. For those who may not have direct experience with the D1x (or other early Nikons) the batteries were many due to lack of staying power (perhaps 100 exposures per charge), the fact that even when new they would go dead when sitting idle in the camera, and wouldn't even hold a charge when waiting as backup. All of these factors are multiplied now that the batteries are about 15 years old. Of the four batteries on the bookshelf, two don't charge any longer, the other two hold some charge but one has to work quickly for the idle camera sucks power. The camera still porduces a good image with an interesting but difficult to describe quality. Thanks for the interesting historic journey.
Mike ... nearing your 10th ... WOW ... is web years not more than dog years? ... & yes, you wrote about your policy years ago ... but ... yours is still one of the quietest, peaceful, most relaxing web site out there ... nothing is flashing, bouncing, attention demanding ... keep it going for a second ten www.santas
comparing the two M7 images: the top one has more clarity, more detail, appears sharper to the eye, is more relaxing to look at ... but ... that is only in comparison ... if the top image weren't there the bottom image would be fine (although it would sell the camera) ... but in comparison it's a weak image ... you asked !!!
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Mike or Ctein: something I have been curious about but have not seen mentioned anywhere is if various SD cards offer better download speeds? That is, when the card is slotted in the MacBook will the images transfer at different rates for different cards? Then there is the iPad which seems to take forever to just load the preview from a 32gig SD! I haven't really noticed a camera slow down since the Kodak DCS760 would jam up when auto bracketing was turned on and it would pause after 5 frames. Just curious. Oh ... and nice testing!
nice flow in a nice article ... particularly interest in the Soylent mention ... please keep us informed ... especially what the stuff tastes like ... looked into it before a road trip a month ago but didn't really have the time so settled on Soy Protein Shakes & Greek Yogurt (with a meal now & then) ... may sound strange but am feeling much better ... [now, its nearly time to start eating doughnuts for that extra seasonal weight] keep up the good work
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Mike: as other's have said, this is a good computer but it is the basic model. We currently have an upgraded version running in the Santa Workshop with more RAM, a larger hard drive, 2 2TB G-Drives, and an Apple 27 inch Cinema Display hanging off it. With this setup it runs Aperture teathered to a Nikon D5100 & prints to the Epson 1430 via Pages. It doesn't hang or bog down. The nice thing is that since it is an Air it can be unplugged at night & taken home if needed. So, if you want to travel with your computer an Air is great 'cause you can plug everything in & it becomes a desktop unit. If you don't need it for travel there is always the iMac or Mini.
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Mike: it sounds SO much me ... Did you write it with me in mind ? No ? Oh well! ... This morning I couldn't find my keys where I TRY to always put them because I'd already put them in my pocket .... Let's definetly return to this subject if one of us can remember it next week
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Ctein: you mentioned the iPad ... Have you looked into iPhoto for iOS ? ... Looks real sharp on the iPod (2nd Gen) [that's the new proper Apple talk] ... but there is perhaps something in the RAW file handling ... to quote directly from the in app help: "NOTE: If you import RAW photos into your device, you can view them in iPhoto, but only the embedded JPEG file in each RAW file is displayed. The resolution of the embedded JPEG file depends on your camera. In iPhoto, RAW-format photos have a RAW label." ... Talk about something which needs to be digested !!!?!!! Oh ... And ... Thanks for another interesting Post ... Non Photographic Posts are of varying intereset as are other parts of life .......
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