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Randy, You mentioned 2 conceptions of a two-way power: (i) a power that can be manifested this or that way, or (ii) or a power that can be manifested or not. Given what you say after introducing the distinction, I believe there is a third conception available. According to it, a two-way power is the power to do something and to refrain from doing that thing. This, I believe, is what dual-power theorists have in mind. Or, at least, it is what I would say if I were one of them. Notice that this kind of power, if it exists, is different from a type (i) power. It is not, as you put it, “a generic power,” as being elastic or being fragile is. And it is not a type (ii) power either. Here, refraining is the manifestation of the power; it isn’t a case of the power being inert. In fact, if this kind of power exists, I think it would be distinctive in the sense that you have in mind in your response to Andrei and Michael. These powers would seem to be different in kind from the ones that Martin and other commonly invoke to explain run-of-the-mill causation.
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May 4, 2014