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Santiago Maldonado
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"One mans alarmist is another mans realist." true but most of the times an alarmist is just an alarmist. "The "Real" issue, that the Club of Rome confronted, is overpopulation resulting in the carrying capacity of Gia being exceeded." Those guys are evil and believe that they are enlightened and thus the leaders of the world and true sovereigns, just like most of the people that have that much power. "The book "The world in 2050" by L Smith points out that if all people had the consumption rate of north americans it would equate to 72 billion people." Okay so the problem is the american. "What do you think the actual carrying capacity of the globe is? My guess is less than one billion." You are most probably wrong and I believe as well as many others, scientists, philosophers, artists, bums, etc... that the range is in the hundreds of billions, so stop spreading your eugenics and population control BS, either way it does not matter, neither you, or your 6 or 7 generation descendants will be impacted by ocean levels rising or heat waves, you and they will survive fine.
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Feb 24, 2014