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Bill, thank you for the reference and your nice words regarding my post. My main thesis is very similar to what Richard mentioned above. Of course technology can play a huge role (that's the fourth point in my post), but (i) technology is also developed by people! and (ii) unless you have a problem you are solving for, you will be lost. I really like Richard's theory, and as a matter of fact, for many of the experiments I have been involved in, we used a lot of manual labor to understand what we truly needed before looking for a software solution. Ted
Rich, Thanks for your post, measuring 'just' reach is indeed one of my pet peeves and the need to measure engagement is much more critical in a social world. The only question I have whether pg views/visitor is the best proxy. Wouldn't e.g., time-on-site be an even better metric? (e.g., 15K views from 15K people who on avg spend 2min on your site is IMHO better than 15K views from 100 people who also spend 2min on your site). I believe your proposed metric is a better indicator of loyalty or stickiness than engagement.
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Mar 31, 2011