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Finally managed to give up the evening bong hit after DD turned 7. We used to joke that all parents of young children should receive valium or joints in the mail from the government so they could wind down. And Tea in the morning (and the afternoon). No matter how much caffeine I need, I can't stand coffee. I am proud to say I've cut down to 4 teas a day now. It does get better when the kids get older... although I don't have teens yet, so no comment on that period!
I invented 'automagically' As in, when the toast is ready, it automagically pops up! Or, the computer will shut down automagically when the download is finished.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on made up words (or, portmanteau) at Crappy Pictures
The good news is you can't be diagnosed as a sociopath or psychopath (both now known as Antisocial Personality Disorder) unless you are at least 18 and have been having this kind of behaviour since 15 and older... Kids are weird. But entertaining!
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Sep 27, 2011