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Sarah Bradley
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The time when I gave birth to our older son and my husband was so overwhelmed (and on the verge of passing out) that he forgot to tell me whether the baby was a boy or girl. After seeing the look on my husband's face, the midwife had to speak up and tell me it was a boy! I had just given birth to a 8 lb 10 oz baby, but there I was asking my husband if HE was okay, ordering him to sit down before he fainted and asking the nurses to get him juice. But: he was an amazing labor coach, so I guess he earned it.
My 5 month old has mastered rolling in both directions and now can no longer be trusted to stay in the exact place I leave him!
Mommy Shorts: continuing to fuel my beauty product addiction!
We have two boys and need some help! Our 4 month old is nowhere near sleeping through the night; he has acid reflux and still sleeps in his swing in our bedroom; and sometimes is totally awake and ready for the day at 4 a.m. Our 3 year old used to be a champion sleeper at night but is currently going through some kind of regression where he refuses to stay in his room when we put him to bed and then makes repeat appearances during the night and in the wee morning hours. Our goal is to get both kids sleeping through as much of the night as possible AND in the same room (at least eventually)! But we have no idea where to start!
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Aug 29, 2013