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Sarah Taylor Ellis
Santa Monica, CA
PhD Student in Theater at UCLA, Musical Theater Scholar and Composer
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Music and theater programs really should collaborate more often - or at least share students. Vocal majors going into musical theater could benefit from more acting classes, and theater majors would be well-served by some classical vocal training and better sight-reading skills. But you're right, students don't often take the initiative ... and the conservatory nature of these musical theater programs (which are usually based in theater departments) oftentimes discourages this sort of interdisciplinary engagement. It's definitely a problem. So as a future musical theater composer / professor who majored in Music/Theatre/English in undergrad and is studying in a very interdisciplinary Theater and Performance Studies PhD program now, where am I supposed to teach after graduation? ;)
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2010 on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SIGHTSING? at Crazytown
If you want to be incredibly reductive and generalized ... Broadway: commercial Off-Broadway: experimental
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Thanks for the response. I'm actually at UCLA doing a PhD in Theater right now, probably looking at questions of the "integrated" musical in my dissertation - so I'm always curious how other composers perceive their songs working. In my experience, some songs certainly do progress the plot ... but not all. I agree, "expansion" or "elaboration" of a moment is often a more accurate description of what happens in a number. I'm music directing a scene with the lovely Hunter Bird right now, who raves about you. Wish we could have overlapped here at UCLA.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on GETTING YOUR "ACTS" TOGETHER at Crazytown
Very interesting ... I'm curious if you conceive of the songs as actually "progressing" the plot all the time, or doing something a little different. Look forward to your upcoming posts.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on GETTING YOUR "ACTS" TOGETHER at Crazytown
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Feb 15, 2010