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Irving, glad to see your encouragement to keep experimenting. I agree! As an IBM alumnus, hope you'll find IBM's approach to MOOCs interesting; earlier this month, two of my colleagues and I first shared a white paper on it with the ASTD Forum -- and everyone can see it @
Was glad to be directed to this post by colleague and friend Jen Okimoto. Am struck by, "groups in which a few people dominated the conversation did not perform as well as those groups where speaking and contributions were more evenly distributed." And am hoping that by expanding where we have "the conversation", there can be less danger of dominant conversationalists, e.g., I've co-produced a number of hybrid learning sessions, where an auditorium of 200-300 meet face to face for a series of technical presentations while in parallel, thousands from up to 59 countries join virtually to watch the sessions over Livestream, including access to a moderated live-chat, where they can express themselves even though they are not in the auditorium...and we have found that often, they are as active, or more active, during Q&A sessions as the people who are F2F.
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Jan 12, 2013