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Reading your post before the Awl piece it read as what should have been "pumping the brakes" instead of downshift to slowdown going downhill. However, the bigger concern is that all the good arguments are in the tags, a common problem on many sites, but in this case, a real one based on what the whole review came down to in the first place: money. There are a pig snout's full of tags about money buries down there and that's a legitimate discussion even if you have it to burn. My personal feeling was the Per Se review was good for people who might save a HUGE splurge like Per Se on an golden anniversary, a group who should be spoken to, like researching a good plumber or a new car. Life ain't cheap, so knowing that an updated review is out there helps one make informed decisions. (And if this was a truly populist review, it would be on Yelp.)
As I said to someone else, her words were not untrue (especially her criticism that many recipes are not throughly tested), but they were unkind.
You have to love that W&S put this on the first two pages of the holiday catalog this year. Had to double check the cover and make sure it didn't say 'Radio Shack' on the cover.
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Nov 21, 2012