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Sara Perez
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Today was the last Friday of kindergarten. I've had tears just beneath the surface all day. The boys had their last visits with their big buddies, their last kindergarten field trips, their last day of gingerly carrying their pizza-day hot... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2012 at field trips + favorite things
Huge Congrats, Elise! That's so awesome! I'm considering doing the Tinkerbell Half at Disneyland the end of January. I'm really out of shape right now so it would be a huge accomplishment to train & finish it. I bet it would feel amazing. :) Looking forward to your tips!
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That's awesome, Elise! You're moving to Ventura? I live in Santa Barbara and work in Ojai. Let me know if you need a friend in the area. :) At the very least, I'd love to meet for lunch sometime.
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Oh wow - that is so generous of you! Thanks so much for the chance to win. The kit is adorable and I love what you've done with it so far - can't wait to see the rest. :)
Oh my gosh - this is the greatest!!
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I've loved your posts this week. :) Thanks so much for the chance to win!~
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That was so cool - thanks for the tour! I'd like a job in your big creating room, please! :)
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Oh wow - these are so cute - I love the ruffle!! My favorite city to photograph is Minneapolis. I just love all of the old mills and stuff along the river. My favorite city strap is Chicago, just in case I'm lucky enough to win. ;) Thanks so much for the chance!
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2010 on welcome 'city straps'... at still me
I spent a Saturday morning taking pictures with a Holga camera - something I had never used before. Thank goodness I was part of a very nice and helpful group because I couldn't even remember how to load film in... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2010 at field trips + favorite things
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Jul 7, 2010
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Jul 1, 2010
take the kids to lunch at Pixar sew a skirt for myself and library bags for the boys book a Christmastime trip to New York shop at the farmer's market every week take a photography class buy a 50mm 1.4... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2010 at field trips + favorite things
(source) Day 1 was a blur of sleeping and eating. We arrived a bit after noon having spent 15 hours traveling overnight. The boys were stellar travelers and we were lucky enough to get in to a train in the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2010 at field trips + favorite things
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Mar 15, 2010
...and woke up in the middle of the night crying because an elephant had taken his water. Poor dude. Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2009 at field trips + favorite things
I'm dreaming BIG this year. Because, really, what else is there to do but dream in a year when one has lost her job and the economy has gone down the drain? There's no harm in daydreaming, right Santa? A... Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2009 at field trips + favorite things
Amazing story - thanks so much for sharing it with us! Eric and Julie, you are amazing friends!
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Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for fallish weather in California (finally!) and for my husband's family who will take our kids while my husband and I prowl the town on black friday - fun!! And I'm thankful for the chance to win! :)
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Updates, Reminders, Giveaways at Cosmo Cricket
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sniff....i love this and hate this all at the same time. beautifully written - yes, a project where you can document all the "things" that help make up you. maybe you can at least take your scrapbook in to your 8x10 corner. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on Thankful :: November 21 at molly irwin
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