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Sara Mayon del Rosario Quinn
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I'm tired of being afraid. I've used many methods to protect myself over the years, but they only caused me more harm. I try to walk a straight line then I catch myself falling on my face. It hurts to see that I have be the stumbling fool for so... Continue reading
I have found that I truly am a strong individual. I have stood by my word in the midst of chaos and dishonor. I have sacraficed my comfortable life for one that forces me to live humbly and with a daily dose of humility. It is this humility that allows... Continue reading
Guillian-Barre Syndrome- A New Chapter On Wednesday 9 Mar 2010 I was diagnosed with guillian-Barre Syndrome an autoimmune disease that attacks my nervous system. A rare disorder after an awful case of Scarlet Fever that has left me hospitalized and asking myself, with no intention of jinxing myself, "What next,... Continue reading
“With the head and the heart, we ought to work always; the arm when the time comes when physical strength is needed. The principal tool of the heart and the head is the pen; others the brush; others the chisel. On my part, I prefer the pen.” Jose RIzal 1861-1896. GOT AN A I wrote this paper for my English class essay. I still haven't gotten it back, just handed it in. Regardless of what grade I get, I enjoyed the process it involved... Still hope I get a good letter... Any comments or corrections would be gladly taken. Continue reading
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Feb 15, 2010
I wrote this as a reflection of what it felt like when I became aware that I was more than I had thought I was when I left Chris and saw the truth of what my life was. A release from the bondage of self? More so from self hatred and self pity. Abuse, addiction, and low self-esteem are just some of the dark reasons we remain moths in a closet of fear and doubt. Continue reading
Its been almost a year since I walked out of my home and found myself fighting for what I believed to be the right thing. I had lost myself during many years of domestic abuse and ultimately tried to find refuge any way I could. When the physical abuse turned to my children I had no more excuses. I believe though I may look like I've lost the battle, ultimately I made the best decision for my children. No child should ever be hit or tormented or have to witness abuse day in and out. My children were watching me whither away. This is a brief look into the events that occurred the last night I had custody of my children... And how I found a way to keep my heart in tact... Continue reading
via Mount Mayon, Philippines. My parents named me after this volcano. I find strength and beauty in its purest form here. Because of this, I can look back at where I came from and have direction and inspiration towards where I am going. I often ignored my Filipino heritage,... Continue reading
When a man’s character, beliefs, or virtues, whether learned or intuitive, are challenged, an opportunity to act is presented. Many factors will contribute to whether or not this man will act. How a man will act and if the conflict against his character is substantial enough to be considered an... Continue reading
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Feb 12, 2010