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> Autonomy "IDOL Cloud" Amusing and 'Dr Lynch' thinks this trumps semantic web / linked data cloud computing.
+K activity appears to be a 'kluge fix' to a single score online reputation that makes no sense
In short, a fierce F2F conversation is the best way to share tacit knowledge. ( a good read )
Wow kudos if you've developed a real-time big data analytic sensemaking engine with baked in privacy and civil liberties enhancing technologies .
> Sensemaking is the very human act of creating meaning out of the incredible amount of data and input that continuously surrounds everyone within an organization. Agree > Sensemaking is a creative act, not an act of discovering or uncovering what is already there. Disagree. Sensemaking is also serendipitous content discovery using a creative blend of algorithmic, social, editorial processes.
Interesting points on the Capitalism 2.0 and agree with your conclusion.
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Sep 23, 2010