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Saremy Duffy
Welcome! Here I share new products, chicken raising woe and wonder, sewing and pattern drafting trials and triumphs, and life on our little orchard.
Interests: sewing, fabric, knitting, chickens, fantasy novels, movies, travel
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New blog address! You can find all of my blog posts past, present and future at my new stand-alone website: Cheers! ~Saremy Continue reading
I LOVE to sew! And I love it when others sew too! In Sew Red, by Laura Zander, I shared my Jewelry Case design and now anyone can sew it. You can even buyt a kit to make the Jewelry Case. Continue reading
And I am part of a wonderful project using my sewing skills to LOVE YOUR HEART! Coming out in February is the beautiful new book, Sew Red by Laura Zander featuring tons of fun and cute projects by prominent designers in the sewing, quilting and knitting industries to raise awareness about heart disease- a very common ailment. One in Four women suffer from it! And I'm one of the designers in the book! Can you believe it?! It is an honor and very exciting to boot. Laura Zander also wrote Knit Red-another lovely book that is beautiful and inspiring with... Continue reading
So you have a young seamster in your life? I love this magazine and lately just buy it for myself! Kiki: For Girls with Style and Substance. And guess what?!?!? This month they feature a pattern drafter! In my biased opinion...the unsung hero of all things sewn and manufactured. But you know, I am biased... Kiki always has clever projects, good information and profiles and NO ADS. Especially important if you do not want your young sewer (especially those of the female gender) to be bombarded with horrible ads featuring make-up, skinny models, or unnecessary things to buy. I wish... Continue reading
We try and try to keep things simple but it is a constant battle! I am reminded of this in particular during the Fall. School fundraisers, costume making, holiday prep, house chores, school festivals and functions, extracurricular activities, oh, and my life. Work, creativity, sanity. Sanity? After all that? My philosophy right now is to try and say no to most things unless it improves the quality of life for me or my family. Example? Sometimes I do not have to say yes to: Every playdate (yes, hard to say no sometimes especially if you have an only child but... Continue reading
Chicken Boots has moved! It's been a busy summer but lots of fun things are still happening around here. Continue reading
Yes! It is definitely making progress. I have a good design but am tweaking to make it easier to sew and a little more functional-it will definitely hold two sets of Interchangeables.. A new prototype or two have been made since the photo in the newsletter. I will try and post pics next week! Glad you are interested!
It's about to be that busy time of year but let's enjoy the little lull leading up to it! Continue reading
Hi kasintehty...I do use a normal inkjet! I am currently using Tailor Iron On Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets (but you don't need to use the quick fuse kind- they can be plain ol' fabric and you peel off a paper backing once printed). The color is amazing and extremely crisp! And I've never had one jam in the printer. I always buy them with a 40% off coupon from Jo-Ann's since otherwise they are too pricey.
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Jul 24, 2010
What have I been doing since I closed Master Pattern? Why do I believe so much in domestic manufacturing? A way to organize stuffed animals? Continue reading
The AAI students are plugging along...a few more than the rest of course! It's such a crucial time to encourage them to get started and in to a routine. The time flies! And I certainly don't want them getting discouraged. Renee and I met them at a local fabric store to help them pick fabric and patterns (and avert as many disastrous choices as possible down the line- yes, I know, that's for our benefit so we're not fixing a cocktail dress made in satin from a stretch pattern). Some of the chipper designers-Sophie, Treyce and Camille! This is the... Continue reading
I typically do not add my labels to knit garments however that isn't because I do not think they would work! If you are worried about the itch factor...try adding the label to the lower side seam (if there is one, and the seam will not be directly against skin). Another place that could be cute is inside a placket (where something is buttoned up) either exposed when unbuttoned, or completely hidden all the time behind one. Think men's dress shirts...sometimes you see a label near the hem in the button placket. Scarves are tricky! I see them gently tacked on so that they could be easily removable. This is where making your own comes in handy. You could make the background color blend in with the scarf perfectly so it is unobtrusive! I will post a how-to very soon! I just discovered an easier printer paper for my method! Thanks for the comment!
Working with the AAI students on their fashion show, ordering meat chicks, designing jewelry cases, designing and making your own custom sew-in fabric labels, and upcoming "peddling-my-wares" road trip! Continue reading
Or as I fondly call it (out of ear shot of the students), Project High School For the past 6 years Arcata Arts Institute has offered visual arts students a chance to develop skills in clothing design and construction, and showcase their work in a fashion show held at the end of the school year, named Flow. AAI is a school within Arcata High School that offers students in-depth art study through workshops held outside of the school day by artists from the community. For the fifth year in a row, I get the honor of mentoring these exceptionally creative... Continue reading
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Jan 16, 2010