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Rick, Howard, By far the best since 2004, and like most shows I attend, I haven't been to one session (besides Don King's talk, which was absolutely terrific!). For me it was all about chatting with sponsors and other attendees, catching up with old friends and making new friends. Seeking business opportunities. The greatest about this particular show is that attendees, domainers, service providers, and sponsors, were actively wanting to do things, wanting to share information, wanting to partner, wanting to take risks. This is unusual in good times as many are passive and waiting for business to seek them. This was very different, and refreshing. I met a number of contacts that again I'm sure will translate to years of friendship and collaboration. Matter of fact, two of them are my houseguests for the weekend, and I met them for the first time at the show.
Domainers are a dying breed, 400 is being generous IMO. 2010 is the beginning of the next gold rush. Tons of opportunity for those who are starting out as some great domains will expire because some look at PPC revenues as a bench mark, not understanding what makes a winner a winner. If you can work a business model independently of PPC you are bound to win. The losers will be those who continue to depend on PPC and not adjust their business models. Just as important, PPC companies are also a dying breed. Look around and you will see most of the big players aren't just providers but also own their own portfolios and side ventures (DS, HF, Sedo, TrafficZ, etc) . Whether being providers or not isn't their true business so squeezing domainers our of the gate, as it will affect portfolio prices, may be where we are heading. Also upstream providers are no angels either, and squeezing I believe really start from the very top. The problem is, for domainers, who do you blame, and does it even matter? Key to win in this environment you have to accept that PPC as we know it is gone, and unlikely to return. Adapt or perish. Best, Sahar
That was Bocafest, David Carter wasn't there (he came to visit a year later with his family and we met at your house). Marcia also didn't make it, got stuck on the road. It was really small and if you remember I made candy bags for everyone before I arrived :) pics here: Best, Sahar
On the money Rick, great to see this unfolds, and time again where trusting your gut instinct works for you. Two thumbs up. Sahar
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Dec 16, 2009