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Hi Jeremy What happen if the solid is being created without applying the AVF? Is the solid still states in the Revit model and making the Revit file bigger? Thanks
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Thanks for your reply Jeremy I think I was thinking in a wrong direction when I was asking for help. Actually I’m trying to write a code to assign Start/End Connection. To do this I need to set new ElementID to the build in parameter. In this case a different ElementID mapping can be problematic. But I just found out there is no need to make the ElementID state the same. My solution is to retrieve the ElementID from the name of the Connection Type. //Get Parameter: BuiltInParameter.STRUCT_CONNECTION_BEAM_START //filter by the StructuralConnectionType class foreach (Element ConnType in new FilteredElementCollector(doc) .OfClass(typeof(StructuralConnectionType)) .Cast() .Where( m => m.Name.Equals("Moment Frame RBS"))) // Get ElementID and Convert to integer: string NewId = ConnType.Id.ToString(); int idInt = Convert.ToInt32(NewId); p.Set(new ElementId(idInt)); The key is to make sure the name is always the same for every project. so now what I planing to do is to write a code to create the new Structural Connection Types instead of make them in the Structural Setting Panel manually. But somehow I got stuck on the StructuralConnectionType.Create Method. I’m not able to find any code snippets yet. any suggestion for my solution? BTW I just replaced my temporary username Locost7 to Sarkate which match the one I use in the official Autodesk API forum. Thanks
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2015 on ElementId Parameter Value at The Building Coder
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Hi Jeremy When I create a new moment connection type.(for example new symbol for RBS Moment Frame) a new StructuralConnectionType Id is generated randomly by Revit.(something like 3975667) Are there anyway to make the Id state the same? Thanks
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2015 on ElementId Parameter Value at The Building Coder
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Apr 7, 2015