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Mike Sarkisian
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As an American who has visited Germany over the past 46 year, I have noted the rise of anti-Americanism in Europe and especially Germany. I now live in Austria and am struck by the gross ignorance Austrians have regarding the USA. Thanks to your blog, which I have been reading for a few years, I am at least a bit knowledgeable as to why. One can say the nastiest of things about Aermicans here, especially in Vienna, but to merely criticize anything regarding Islam and you are a hagteful racist, Islamophobe and a NAZI! Thanks for your good work!
The answer is obvious! They get money when they win - tax money! Th Sierra Club doesn't care about the real science.
The striped bass was brought here for commercial fishing and salmon compete with them. Fish the stripers into extinction. That will go a long was to restore the salmon -
Prey tell Mr Garamendi - where was your support for the Auburn Dam?
Ms. Napolitano should know people who work in the fields leave to go where the jobs are! Certainly likely to be too nuanced for her! As for Salmon!!! Why do they kill hatchery fish in the NW? If salmon only breed in the waters they come from, where did the salmon population come from when they cleaned the Thames after Salmon hadn't been there in over 100 years?
The problem with salmon runs is primarily due to warmer currents which will shift again in a few years and salmon runs will return!
That's he ticket - spend more money and further politicize the NAS!
Atta boy Nunes! I'm eating fish tonight - Delta Smelt taste pretty just takes 1100 to make a meal!
Now we get the same crap from Garamendi! "Find the middle ground!" Wonder if they are drinking bottled water at the hearing today?
Napolitano makes no reference to these issues on her website! I guess that is being "nuanced!"
I love it when Democrats are in the minority - compromise, solutions are complicated, balanced approach... a load if I ever heard one. In other a minnow and screw the farmers and all the jobs created in agriculture!
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Apr 11, 2011