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VERY good work here. Most detailed review and finding some fun details. Of course my google search started with a name check for Cromitie and, would you think, "mosque". Sure glad the FBI had an informant there. My thoughts turned to CAIR and Pamela supplied the quote. Funny though, there is at least one story that totally omits their nom de guerre. BUT, I didn't leap to the prison angle, though it should I have if anyone knows the Pete Seda story (TOTALLY innocent until proven guilty and all that) of prison recruitment. Nor did I find the reference to jaish-e-mohammed anywhere else - that seems to be an important link. Too bad the NSA wouldn't have been permitted to wiretap him. We'll sure be hearing lots about the dead GI whose family went to that mosque to pray - and how these were actually really nice and helpful neighbors... So, who was running the prison muslin program. Follow those links - is that the "Hancock" reference deadbambi? I suspect this story goes a lot deeper; will the FBI call it a wrap to quell the fear and backlash? Why didn't anybody else at the mosque have a clue to their extreme piety? If only we had solved the Israeli / PLO issue sooner and done better work on economic hopelessness problem of these 'youths'. Don't worry, though, nobody was ever in danger...