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Interests: ♥, 80's music, animals, anime, art, artwork, babies, books, cats, children, chocolate, classic rock, coffee, computer games, computers, creativity, cuddling, depression, dragons, dreams, emotions, faith, family, fantasy, freedom of speech, friends, friendship, guild wars, h. r. giger, halloween, happiness, heavy metal, honesty, horror movies, hugging, humor, individualism, individuality, insanity, intelligence, karma, laughing, livejournal, lol, love, loyalty, make-up, manga, martial arts, memories, moon, movies, mp3s, music, my children, native american spirituality, night, oceans, open minds, originality, pagan, paganism, paranormal, parenting, photography, photoshop, psychics, reading, redheads, relaxation, rpgs, sarcasm, sex, shopping, solitude, spirituality, tarot, tarot cards, trust, truth, vampires, video games, warcraft, web design, welsh, witch, witchcraft, wolves, women, world of warcraft, wow
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Sep 2, 2010
Well went to Vox this morning, Saw it is closing and had the choice to merge to typepad for free. So did it. Been with Vox since it opened and its a shame to see it close now. but oh well new possiblities I guess for here at typepad. Should... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2010 at Oh so Cherry!
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Sep 2, 2010